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New Profile Posts

  1. Sing dong
  2. Sing dong
  3. Sing dong
  4. Sing dong
  5. 1982 XS400J Maxim
    1982 XS400J Maxim Ashley
    Does your bike have any power at all after it dies? (like do the lights stay on, and turn signals work)
  6. Bryan Patrick
    Bryan Patrick
    Purchasing a 78 tomorrow. Should the title tell me if it's an E or 2E? How can I know the difference?
  7. Adrian bravo
    Adrian bravo
    Throttle tube and cable. Help please.
    1. Adrian bravo
      Adrian bravo
      Hey Im new to the forum. I have purchased an xs400 I'm new to motorcycles now the last owner of the bike has upgraded the throttle tube, throttle cable, etc. Now I was riding and the cable broke I was looking on the internet but can't find the throttle cable. Only the original, but it won't work because again he upgraded the throttle tube help please!
      Jun 3, 2018
  8. Ashley
    I have an 81 Yamaha xs400 special. Everytime I exceed 55mph the bike shuts off.
  9. Kieran
    Looking to get a new center stand for my 83', what do folks recommend?
  10. Kieran
    Hey guys - I'm new!
  11. danjoe
    hello XS 400 bike lovers . i have been on this site many a times and finally I have undertaken this project with my bike .
  12. oxecubedo
  13. atolem
  14. Scorpio1963
    After a 1 1/2 year hiatus Im back to working on my xs.My goal is to fix her up get it running again then sell her.
  15. Christian Sharkey
    Christian Sharkey
    Just a kid that likes goin fast
  16. Bruce Sherman
    Bruce Sherman
    Hey there, Yamaha groupies. I got me an '81 that's been sitting outside forEVER that I am finally going to start work on.
  17. anthony nunes
    anthony nunes NewHavenMike
    Hey Mike I have a Yamaha xs400 1980 I want to build a vintage road race bike out of it I want to put an 18 inch rear wheel on the back can I use the excess 360s rear wheel or all the spaces and everything fit together what other options do I have I'm having a hard time trying to find one I thought about using a Yamaha xt500
  18. Josh Weibel
    Josh Weibel
    Looking for a tank replacement!!
  19. Josh Weibel
  20. Travis Lowe