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New Profile Posts

  1. NicksXS
    tore down my 81 400 to the frame.My first bike,let alone built from frame up.Making a custom bobber.I’m sure i will have lots of questions.
  2. JJ55
    Can handlebar risers for an 82-83 fit an 81?
  3. William Tublin
    William Tublin
    What the best way to set the float level on a 1980 xs400g special 2? There is lots of different opinions out there. Also what measurement?
  4. May
    1982 xs400 modified cafe racer
  5. Damian
    Working on carburetor. Seems like I'm always working on the carbs.
  6. YaDig
    YaDig Tggraff
    Hi Tggraff, im interested on your gear indicator? how much if you can made for my bike, 1980 XS250, hope you can help me on this . Thanks
  7. Damian
    I need advice about carbs. The brackets on the carb body that holds pin for floats was broken by a prior owner. Won't stop leaking gas.
  8. Mjkrist
    Just cleaned the carbs on my 1979 model and I am having some troubles reconnecting the throttle. The metal connector. Help! Photos?
  9. zero2sixty
    Does anyone out there know if the early 80's xs400's triple tree will fit a 77 xs360. I'm new to Yamaha so I really appreciate any tips.
    College student who got a xs400 that barely runs. Took it home without a license and had my friend tow me on his Aprilla cause it broke down
  11. 1982 XS400J Maxim
    1982 XS400J Maxim Ashley
    Does your bike have any power at all after it dies? (like do the lights stay on, and turn signals work)
  12. Bryan Patrick
    Bryan Patrick
    Purchasing a 78 tomorrow. Should the title tell me if it's an E or 2E? How can I know the difference?
  13. Adrian bravo
    Adrian bravo
    Throttle tube and cable. Help please.
    1. Adrian bravo
      Adrian bravo
      Hey Im new to the forum. I have purchased an xs400 I'm new to motorcycles now the last owner of the bike has upgraded the throttle tube, throttle cable, etc. Now I was riding and the cable broke I was looking on the internet but can't find the throttle cable. Only the original, but it won't work because again he upgraded the throttle tube help please!
      Jun 3, 2018
  14. Ashley
    I have an 81 Yamaha xs400 special. Everytime I exceed 55mph the bike shuts off.
  15. Kieran
    Looking to get a new center stand for my 83', what do folks recommend?
  16. Kieran
    Hey guys - I'm new!
  17. danjoe
    hello XS 400 bike lovers . i have been on this site many a times and finally I have undertaken this project with my bike .
  18. oxecubedo
  19. atolem
  20. Scorpio1963
    After a 1 1/2 year hiatus Im back to working on my xs.My goal is to fix her up get it running again then sell her.