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New Profile Posts

  1. Kieran
    Looking to get a new center stand for my 83', what do folks recommend?
  2. Kieran
    Hey guys - I'm new!
  3. danjoe
    hello XS 400 bike lovers . i have been on this site many a times and finally I have undertaken this project with my bike .
  4. oxecubedo
  5. atolem
  6. Scorpio1963
    After a 1 1/2 year hiatus Im back to working on my xs.My goal is to fix her up get it running again then sell her.
  7. Christian Sharkey
    Christian Sharkey
    Just a kid that likes goin fast
  8. Bruce Sherman
    Bruce Sherman
    Hey there, Yamaha groupies. I got me an '81 that's been sitting outside forEVER that I am finally going to start work on.
  9. anthony nunes
    anthony nunes NewHavenMike
    Hey Mike I have a Yamaha xs400 1980 I want to build a vintage road race bike out of it I want to put an 18 inch rear wheel on the back can I use the excess 360s rear wheel or all the spaces and everything fit together what other options do I have I'm having a hard time trying to find one I thought about using a Yamaha xt500
  10. Josh Weibel
    Josh Weibel
    Looking for a tank replacement!!
  11. Josh Weibel
  12. Travis Lowe
  13. Travis Lowe
    Travis Lowe KudyardRipling
    I can get some pics however it will take awhile my wife is in hospital right now nothing serious but taking all my time currently.
    will get more pics to you this weekend
    no bondo to my knowledge
    nothing shaking around inside
    frankly I think the tanks is immaculate
    will get you lots of pics
  14. Travis Lowe
    Travis Lowe KudyardRipling
    i still have the tank $100 plus shipping since I'm in canada my guess is 50 will handle it
    but that's only a guess I can take it and get a quote if you want
    even at $150 it's still dirty cheap for a mint tank like that from what I am told
    has petcock have no idea what inside is like have no key for tank cap
    1. KudyardRipling
      Awesome! I am very interested. Would you be able to send some more photos to my email? Bummer there is no key. Is there much rattle inside when you shake it? Any bondo that you know of under the paint? I'd like to see the underside and the front and back. Email is dallasdewitt@gmail.com

      Feb 28, 2018
  15. burr
    Selling '81 XS400 for Parts or Complete in TORONTO, Ontario, Canada.
  16. fixer59
    Probably lookin' for parts...........
  17. JBoyd
    1981 XS400S
  18. Guitar618
    Just want to ride!!!
  19. Houseman39
    Bringing my '80 back to life
  20. 666metalmaiden
    Not long now....