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New Profile Posts

  1. Poncho
    Parts!!! I need parts!!! Help!!!
    1. Petew
      What are you looking for?
      Jun 30, 2017
  2. Homeslice
    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and am finding a lot of informative and inspiring threads on here
  3. George Euresti
    George Euresti
    Putting this 81 Yamaha xs400 to its former glory. I have been adding new and old parts just trying to get it running optimal.
  4. Silvefox42
    Silvefox42 jbristow66
    you still live in JC? looking for someone that can help me get my carbs tuned on my bike.
  5. Ride2Run
    Original owner of 1981 XS400 SH. ODO 7,000. Stored for many years. I found this site and inspired me to get it running if possible.
  6. Josh gallant
    Josh gallant
    I'm looking for a regulator/rectifier for my 76 xs 360 I found new ones that work for the xs 400s, will that work for my 360 as well ?!?!
  7. arfstrom
    Just moved, now I am a Minnesotan, Again
  8. bigdog
    bigdog drewpy
    Thanks Drew.
  9. arl5370
    Top end scattered around the shed, trying to sort out low compression.
  10. Noodles
    Almost ready to ride.
  11. bigdog
    bigdog drewpy
    Hello Drew. Question for you about brake shoes. Where can I get a pair for the front? The rear was easy (Yambits or Wemoto, can't remember) but brake shoes for the front are hard to come by, every place I've tried in the UK tells me it's disk brakes up front, when of course it isn't. Any suggestions?
    1. drewpy
  12. burr
    Up and running!
  13. gabriel stainback
    gabriel stainback
    Anyone know anything about a starter clutch?
  14. gabriel stainback
    gabriel stainback
    Finally got bike back together, might have worse problems now ha not fun.
  15. Sam
    Hey everyone I'm new and I am having some problems with my 3rd gear. Can anyone help me with what it might be..??
    1. Jbrum
      What's it doing?
      Apr 24, 2017
  16. Porcelaintv
    Looking for help with the On my way! Mod and going batterieless
  17. Porcelaintv
    Need help! Xs400 PMA Mod!!!!!
  18. Noodles
    Pluggin away at my rust bucket!
  19. sdhadley94
    Can anyone tell me how to start a new thread?
  20. skintech
    In the Hiz-ouse!