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New Profile Posts

  1. mmmboost
    I hate wiring sorcery
  2. Dennis Moore
    Are you still making the tach drive plugs? If so, please make one for me, Dennis Moore.
    1. axl_foley likes this.
    2. Jeff0133
      Same here...
      Mar 11, 2017
  3. GunSlinger60
    Sigh of relief!
  4. Hawkeye
    Just purchased 1981 xs 400 special II , bobber project in the works. Very excited.
  5. bradlouth
    1981 Yahama XS400SH Lives!
  6. Alvinxs400
    In in search of 77 xs400 carbs
  7. GunSlinger60
    New Owner Again!
  8. Ghosttheincredible
    Need help getting spark on my xs400 bobber chopper
  9. Dan Carter
    Dan Carter
    hello we just bought an xs400 magnum for my son and we are turning it into a bobber
  10. lonestar713
    I live in Houston, Texas and looking for someone to do some fabrication and work on my XS400. Does anyone know of a reptible shop?
  11. teachusJesus
    Looking for a '77 or '78 xs360 or 400 (squarish) tank in decent condition for a decent price (no major dents). Let me know what's out there.
  12. VM77
    New member to the forum. Picked up an '80 Special II not too long ago. Just trying to get it running... for now.
  13. Ghosttheincredible
    New to xs400.com. I recently picked up a 1980 xs400 bobber/chopper and am tryin to get it going!
  14. shortyj58
    First off, how do you post pics? She's bone stock, maxim. Not 4 long.
  15. shortyj58
    Hey, I'm new. Just got an 83 xs400, have lots of questions.
  16. Matthew S. Moore
    Matthew S. Moore
    I just picked up this '82 XS400 a few weeks ago. I have it down to the bare frame now, and the build--my first--is on!
  17. Kevin dooleysa
    Kevin dooleysa
    Everything is hooked up properly I have tried everything still no spark. I need to exchange ASAP 1oceansize@gmail.com
  18. Kevin dooleysa
    Kevin dooleysa
    Pete can you please get in touch with me I am not getting a spark on my cb350 ignition. It is my only means of transportation. Please thanks
  19. Shane
    Hello..im Shane..and i have an xs400 in a buggy..great fun:) I want it to rev harder would a smaller front sprocket do this? Cheers
  20. Peter
    For sale £600.00