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New Profile Posts

  1. Ezetman
    Working on my first build.
  2. MarloMcQueen
    Hopefully my bike will be roadworthy this summer, however I doubt I'll be riding until next year as I can't afford license and insurance.
  3. Neb xs
    Neb xs
    What kinda work can i do to my 81 xs400s to make it faster? bigger motor? or motor work to the 400 i top out at 65 right now
    1. BBS360
      You'll want to start a thread in the Garage to share information about your bike and get feedback on it.

      Apparently a stock bike can hit 95+ so you shouldn't have to modify the bike to improve on what you're seeing.
      Get the manual and start checking that things are within spec. Start with compression (wet and dry), valves, and piston clearances if you take the top end off.
      Apr 25, 2016
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  4. RabidHoneyBadger
    RabidHoneyBadger OopsAboutThat
    Do you still have parts for the 82 maxim? I live in Vancouver so relatively close.. would like to buy some things if possible
  5. Elle on Wheels
    Elle on Wheels
    rebuliding a 1978 xs400
  6. virgtremblay
    Bought a broken bike. Cool.
  7. chadchinchilla
    So my bike decided to stop working suddenly today, turn on but when throttle is applied it just cuts off, no idea what to do
    1. BBS360
      You'll want to start a thread in the Garage to get help on this.
      More information will be needed to help diagnose the problem but you're probably looking at taking off the carbs and cleaning them. Some history on the bike is good too. Have you ever cleaned the carbs? If not you might as well do that first.
      Apr 25, 2016
  8. Salsa
    First time on updated site. Have the carbs off and being cleaned. Hopefully, that will fix the problem.
  9. swaustintx
  10. member11511
    member11511 ThePsuedoMonkey
    Hey monkey, I am too a Michigan based xs400 owner. I'd like to ask you some questions about your experience with the xs400.
  11. BobbedAndChopped89
  12. 1982xs400
    Great bike. Fun to ride
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  13. IanW
    Finally getting serious about XS400 bobber build.
    1. NAPALMROLLER and Travis like this.
      Just doit bro lol I'm so wanting to do the same I feel ya I'm lookin at another Xs400 for that same reason
      Sep 22, 2016
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  14. Madsim
    Just started work on a freebie xs400sh. Typical wear, parts ordered. So far been a great father/son start.
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  15. Ordo Ab Chao
    Ordo Ab Chao
    Living abroad for years now;I refuse to spend X3 the price for a good size engine ride;landed a yamahaXS400 special. :) Project starts now!
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  16. Travis
    I'm happy to have the site finally updated!