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1977 YAMAHA XS400 for sale

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Slickster25, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Slickster25

    Slickster25 XS400 New Member

    Up for sale is a 1977 YAMAHA XS400 motorcycle. This is a STOCK, all numbers matching machine with 10,720 original miles. This bike has a six speed transmission, and comes with its original tool kit! The twin Mikuni CV carbs were cleaned and calibrated with a manometer, gas tank was lined with Red Kote, petcock was rebuilt, front brake master cylinder was rebuilt, rims were cleaned, wheel bearings repacked, fork oil replaced, engine oil changed, original paint was rubbed out, bike was serviced 150 + miles ago. Electric starter was rebuilt, battery is about 3 mo old. All electrical switches, buttons, directionals, and features work just as they should. It rides nice, with crisp throttle response. The bike has its nicks, pits and dings, a small tear in the seat, and exhaust pipes are discolored and will need replacement. It is a 40 year old numbers matching survivor. That being said, it still has the typical XS400 temperament, idle revs up and drops on it's own, runs great one day, won't start the next... Interested? make me an offer.

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  2. This is an international board. If it's in Antarctica I'm def interested. If it's in Vietnam, I'm willing to pay up to 100,000 dong.

    Does seem bizarre that idle revs if it's been tuned with manometer. Didn't mention if u set timing?
  3. Phil_B

    Phil_B Noob trying to learn the basics-82 XS400 HS

    That is a beautiful bike...looks pretty minty! If you lived anywhere close to me I would consider it, for sure.

    Just curious, what did you use to clean the rims? The aluminum all shiny again?

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