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For Sale - 1979 XS400F For Sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by tosaxs400, Sep 14, 2023.

  1. tosaxs400

    tosaxs400 XS400 New Member

    For sale is my 1979 Yamaha XS400 (XS400F) with 7917 original miles and clean Wisconsin Title. I bought this from the second owner, who had started turning it into a café racer/brat-style bike. The former owner had the seat reupholstered, painted the tank and side panels, added slip on mufflers and pod filters (now removed in favor of stock airbox setup), updated to ATC/ATO fuses, and rebuilt the top end. Not sure why the top end needed rebuilding as my father purchased for me in 2017. Finally had time (and space) to get it back on the road. What I’ve done:

    New tires – Shinko 244 (running tubes)
    New fork seals and boots, new 10WT Maxima fork fluid
    Protaper Sport Bar
    Odi Ruffian Grips
    Bar end mirrors
    New Throttle Cable
    New Clutch Cable
    New Speedometer cable
    New battery – let it discharge to zero now won’t hold charge.
    Wiring clean-up and repairs
    Low profile LED Directionals with Novita EP34 Flasher Mod
    Exhaust header wrap
    Cleaned carburetors
    New carburetor/intake boots
    Silicon vacuum nipples on unused boot nipples
    OEM Air Filter Boot
    OEM Air Filter Holders
    HiFlo Air Filters
    Brake clean and bleed, inspect. Motul 5.1 Fluid.
    Removed 95% rust from gas tank (Vinegar and Evaporust)
    Non-vacuum petcock from Mikes XS, with new bolts/gaskets
    Tygon gas line
    K&N Inline Fuel Filter
    K&N Crank case breather filter
    Numerous other odds and ends.

    Now for the other items - Runs well once warmed up, but due to the bike sitting for a long time, the clutch may be slipping a little, but it is hard to tell. Carburetors could probably use some more cleaning – did a clean followed by bench sync. I am currently chasing down a small oil leak on the head and should have it repaired by the sale time.

    As it sits, the bike runs and drives like a vintage motorcycle that has some updated styling. It could be left as is or taken to the next level with some additional customization, it would be a good winter project!

    Attempting to get $1,500 to recover most of my costs.

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