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1980 Yamaha xs400 cafe/track bobber build

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by NAPALMROLLER, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. This is a 1980 xs400 special I got a year or so ago for 1000 bucks she was ugly, hurt, and a few things were neglected until I found her.
    I wanted to do a build a little diff from the average. Everything on this bike was hand made from seat (which is real wood) to frame. When it comes down to the parts, well I tried using everything that was given to me. From 1980 this bike has original exhaust, just gutted an re-tuned custom buffs, and chopped back 8" head light has been dropped and tucked, singlefied the original tach and light box, shaved the triple tree for the bars (pain in the ass), went through the motor in and out, did Jett's all the way to my own armature wiring. I spaced up the rear an inch without relocating top shock mounts and slammed the front. All lights have been changed and upgraded. Too much time to list everything, but the key of what this build really is, is stay away from the eBay and use what's giving to you from that era, cut shave revamp, and step back and look at all angles and like my ol' man says, don't take the easy way it gets crowded. But pics will do more justice not my words, and a special thanks to the staff of Xs400.com. More detailed pics in my albums of build from frame to finish.

    Attached Files:

  2. The lights and bars I did buy ,bars were 60$ and the lights came from o'Reilly's turns and tail lights a lot of detailed pics in my albums
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2016
  3. It looks great and you did what you wanted! If you find something that didn't work as planned you can always change it!
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  4. Travis

    Travis Staff Member Staff Member

    Looks nice and clean! Good work!
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  5. IanW

    IanW IanW

    This is great inspiration. Amazing build. Thanks.
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  6. jvdavidson

    jvdavidson '78 XS400-2E

    OK first and foremost, that's an amazing piece of work you have there!!! Now since I'm still quite new to this ballgame, I have to ask, where the heck is everything electrical??? Battery? Turn signal relay? Voltage regulator? etc. etc. etc? I wanted to do the same thing that you have there with the 'open' looking frame where the air filters sit - since that was where the battery etc. used to be. But when I started hacking apart my '78 XS400 I could not figure out where the heck I'm gonna stick a battery (not exactly small) and all the other electrical hardware so I implemented two saddlebags consisting of .50 Cal Ammo Cans, one can contains all the electrical business and the other is for storing whatever - like a hoodie or gloves etc. Seems like everyone has figured out how to make all the electrical stuff disappear except myself - I'm a chemist, not a magician LOL
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  7. If you want I'll go over the ways of this build and how i found a spot for everything, I'll get setup later and do some pics of all your questions bro but note I do have a battery under seat it's just on it's side and it's an AGM pro start so doesn't leak but I had done a lot of try this try that stuff hell battery box took 2 weeks and the seat actually seals like a lid for the battery box so many innovative little things I had to do but with h my trial an era you should be able to do it the 1st time
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  8. I'm heading to Jacksonville fl right now when I get situated I'll set up and message you so you can take some pointers I gotcha brosky
  9. Thank you my friend means a lot the biggest risk in life is not taking one
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  10. Thank you bro
  11. jvdavidson

    jvdavidson '78 XS400-2E

    I sincerely appreciate your help bro! And yeah, I'm way behind in pics of my bike but I'll get on it today as I gotta fix a valve-cover leak and while I have the thing apart I'm gonna install my electronic ignition.


    - J
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  12. Jeff0133

    Jeff0133 XS400 Junkie Top Contributor

    This is a beauty...art work really.
    I can only hope to do as well on my build.
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  13. Hell yea bro
  14. CBJamie

    CBJamie XS400 New Member

    Is that a Honda front wheel and hub?
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  15. BBS360

    BBS360 XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    I don't have one but I believe that's the stock Yamaha wheel for the Special 2.
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  16. CBJamie

    CBJamie XS400 New Member

    I didnt know they were still using drum brakes up front in 80. Sure looks like a early 70's honda hub.
  17. xschris

    xschris XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    The xs400's came with them for 81 and 82 also. In fact, other than the 77 there was a version of them that came with drum fronts for each year.
    NAPALMROLLER likes this.
  18. HoughMade

    HoughMade XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    XS400 wire wheels with disks are pretty rare in the U.S. I think all U.S. XS400s with wires had drums front and rear, from the factory.

    Feel free to correct me if you have info to the contrary.
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