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1982 xs400r gas tank refurbish w/Moyer Fuel Tank Renu

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Kirk Fisher, Jan 25, 2023.

  1. Good Day!
    New to this group having just acquired a stock 82 xs400r (had one back in the day...) and bringing up to show standards. Has anyone worked with Moyer Fuel Tank Renu in Greensburg, PA? They seem to do very nice full restoration work for all things fuel related. Or is you have a personal favorite to refurb gas tank... let me know please!
  2. CaptChrome

    CaptChrome XS400 Addict

    Welcome to the forum! I hope to see more of what you are getting into regarding the restoration and what sort of effort that takes as time goes on.

    I cannot personally help with the fuel tank question as I have never bought anything with a truly awful tank (but there is still time), nor have I attempted a show quality restoration. What sort of work does your tank need? I assume some dent removal, but will it need welding also?
  3. Greetings!
    No dent removal... it is actually perfect except the gasoline has eaten thru the lower welds, near the seat, and bubbled the paint near the knee indents. I figure forty years of corrosives has taken it's toll. So tank needs stripped, etched, TIG along bottom seams, slushed, primed, refinished in Ultimate Red. The rest of the bike is unmolested... all OEM and just in need of clean, polish, etc...

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  4. CaptChrome

    CaptChrome XS400 Addict

    Very nice looking bike - I can see why you want to go the restoration route with it! That is definitely a nice project.

    I did look up Moyer (thanks for the pointer to them). They do look like they know their stuff. I have always been pretty leery about putting a coating on the inside of tanks as they have to be spotlessly clean and then etched for a coating to have any hope of sticking. So, I have a preference for a bare metal tank interior and then follow-up with pretty fastidious fuel procedures to keep it clean.

    However, Moyer does look like they would be able to do what you need on the tank and has the experience to take care of the TIG welding as well as getting the interior in the proper condition for the coating they seem to apply.

    Whatever you do, I hope you keep us posted on how it work out.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2023
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  5. Dean grigson

    Dean grigson XS400 New Member

    Nice bike Kirk,keep us posted as you complete your restoration.
  6. I have an 82 also- the original tank is a mess- so many rust holes eaten thru it looks like someone fired a shotgun at it. I did a derust and POR coating which failed completely- now half the old coating is still hanging about inside. I'd WAY rather spend the money on a proper restore than that snake oil. The tank is so bad I <think> my next move might be do sand down to metal around the holes and solder brass gauze over. It'll be kind-of ugly but should seal OK. The bike has low miles but was stored badly so there are rust issues etc so mostly I'm into the tank restoring the proper lines to the bike. Right now it has an '83 maxim tank on it so the bike can be ridden, which fits OK but is obviously the wrong tank.

    I'd sure be interested in the quote for your tank before I get to firing up the disc sander...
  7. Quote is $300 completed in primer (ready to finish coat).
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  8. Have secured NOS parts: left mirror, key slope w/logo, L & R grab rails (rear), L & R pivot shaft covers, tool kit soaking in Evaporust, vinyl parts coated with Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil, looking for unicorn part 11U2629080 (RH mirror)... Pictures soon...

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