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79' XS400-Winnipeg

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Winnipeg_79_XS400, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. I'v set the gaps with my gauge. That said no idea how accurate it is lol (first time)

    Did each point with its respective calendar at top dead center
  2. Set points again. cranked until the points were at their widest, then used the feeler gauge and adjusted, then repeated to the right side.

    When trying to time the bike, Left side doesn't even come close to firing (opening point ) close to the firing line.

    So, should I go with new points, or say fuck it and get an electronic PAMCO igntion?
  3. BBS360

    BBS360 XS400 Guru

    Is it possible you have the cam that bolts onto the camshaft 180° rotated?
    I managed to put mine in the wrong way around and couldn't get my xs360 working for ages... Until I rotated it and fired right up.

    As for the Pamco, I've been considering ordering it for my xs360. Too many moving parts in the points to wear and need adjusting. Might help with my power issues.
    Maybe later in the year after my 400 gets on the road.
    I'd spring for the e-advancer version.
  4. Do you have a pic off had as reference? (NEWB)

    Only thing I did was take the ignition out to clean and reinstall. Is their hash marks for the cam bolt for positioning?
  5. Have it on LF, and this is the position

    Attached Files:

  6. Ok. I beliee tho bottom pic it TDC. I took the ATU off and looked at the cam mark. Input plesase

    Attached Files:

  7. Bump.

    About to take the engine apart. Need 5hat one last it' fucked from you pros! lol
  8. For reference. Chain tensioner

    Attached Files:

  9. Cam in the 12 o'clock position! Finally

    Attached Files:

  10. BBS360

    BBS360 XS400 Guru

    Sorry I didn't get back on here sooner.

    The pictures you've been posted are completely unrelated to what I was suggesting and I'm a bit concerned that some unnecessary work may have been done.

    The camshaft and crankshaft do not rotate at the same rate.
    The camshaft will be 180° off from the crankshaft once every second crank rotation. This is normal.

    The other thread you were posting in refers to the same issue I was suggesting, maybe worded better.
    The lobed cam in the ATU can be installed on the camshaft either way around. Put it in the wrong way and your plugs fire at the wrong time.
    If you rotated the camshaft 180° and reinstalled the ATU 180° out you may have brought things back into alignment the hard way.

  11. Tracking the points. Not matter how many times I'd rotate the crankshaft. The cam was not in alignment. I had to take the cabin tensioner out to fix the cam.

    The reason for asking about the woodruff key is simply knowledge!

    Thanks again
    BBS360 likes this.
  12. popmac

    popmac XS400 Enthusiast

    I haven't checked in for a while, this is looking great!

    Count me in too! Provided I finish up with my bike in a reasonable amount of time... shouldn't be much left but I'm currently out of money and hoping I get it finished up by early summer.
  13. I bought some new signals off of eBay. 12v bulb NOT LED.


    Wired them up but they won't blink, just stay on. I thought it was an undercharged battery (bike not running.) Started up the bike with a fresh battery today and the signal's still, just stay on/don't flash. I have checked the ground connections and they are good.

    Could it be the signal/flasher relay? If so, can anyone recommend a replacement?
    Is the fix as simple as putting in a resistor?

  14. Replaced the bulbs with the stock ones. Blink fine, but too big.

    Anyone have an idea what I need for a replacement
  15. Simple fix from princess auto!

  16. BBS360

    BBS360 XS400 Guru

    That's the way to go. The auto-canceller probably won't work anymore.

  17. Thanks. I have some parts for sale. I'm selling my turn signals with shorter stems. Look great for the Cafe Racer look lol
  18. popmac

    popmac XS400 Enthusiast

    What part of town are you in? You replaced your tank - did you reuse the rubber dampers from the front of it? Or have the petcock still? Those are the only two things I need off the top of my head but I'm not sure if they fit from a regular XS400 to a Maxim. Wouldn't mind checking it out, though.
    Winnipeg_79_XS400 likes this.

  19. Pm me. I' in st.b

    I have all that! And 3 pet cocks. 2 from a 650 and 1 from my 400

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