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Anyone up for Riding/Photo game?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by RevrdMark, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. kevingkruse

    kevingkruse XS400 Addict

    Hope this is still goin on, here's my dog takin a "ride". It was very hard to do this, you can't tell but my girfriend is crouching behind my bike making sure my dog wouldnt spaz out. So do I get to pick the next challenge now?

    Last edited: Nov 6, 2012
  2. Lou Ranger

    Lou Ranger Former xs400 Luddite Top Contributor

    If the little beast is still "beloved" :yikes: after being so much trouble, you have my vote.
  3. kevingkruse

    kevingkruse XS400 Addict

    So I've been reading the whole thread, are we doing it the way revrdmark originally said or are we voting on multiple pictures? And I also saw that someone already made a challenge about an animal on their bike. So should I pick a new challenge or what's goin on?
  4. sir_h_c

    sir_h_c XS400 Addict

    I say pick a new challenge. We have another thread that is multiple photo montage style. I say we keep this one first pic wins.
    So, what's the next challenge?
  5. nico

    nico 78 XS400-2E

    Yea. That was my understanding. This is a first one to post a pic picks the next challenge kinda game. At least that's the way it's done on some other forums. So... Kevin, what's the next challenge?:bike:
  6. Lou Ranger

    Lou Ranger Former xs400 Luddite Top Contributor

    They are right. Rev's Rules on this one are first one to post a pic on the new subject wins.
    The other thread allows more time and a montage of multiple entries so weekend only riders have a chance. The voting is pretty unruly though ... :wink2:
  7. kevingkruse

    kevingkruse XS400 Addict

    Next Challenge: Your XS next to a cemetery


    I couldn't find much information on the cemetery, but its called Fallbrook Masonic Cemetery and that Baseball Hall Of Famer Duke Snider is buried here :laugh:

    And does the person starting the new challenge have to have a picture of what his/her challenge is? I think that would make sense. Either way, I like taking pictures of my bike :bike:
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2012
  8. Renegade

    Renegade XS400 Enthusiast

    I passed through the cemetery on my test ride with the new bars...so I figured why not?

    (BTW: For those of you reading my earlier comments in her: the girlfriend slapped me for that... Its ok...she made amends)

    How about a real challenge... How can get a pic of their mother on/next to their bike? (or another older family member if circumstances don't allow for mom to pose)
  9. kevingkruse

    kevingkruse XS400 Addict

    Nice! I'm diggin your bike, and those bars too. Lookin at your seat, I shoulda I put some red on the top of my seat.
  10. Renegade

    Renegade XS400 Enthusiast

    Thanks man, I'm thinking about starting a build thread for my bike...to tell how it got to here and forward. But this is not the place...

    Who can take on my challenge?
  11. Lou Ranger

    Lou Ranger Former xs400 Luddite Top Contributor

    I know it's not an xs400, but this dog can really "ride". Note at the end - no crouching girlfriend .. :wink2:
  12. sir_h_c

    sir_h_c XS400 Addict

    my folks happen to be coming down for Thanksgiving...
  13. RevrdMark

    RevrdMark XS400 Addict

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry I haven't been around much these past few months its the rainy season here in SW Washington State so i don't ride much till spring. Anyone get their Mom on their bike yet?
  14. arfstrom

    arfstrom XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    So We are looking for Mom, or an older Family member, on or near the bike? The bike doesnt need to be in one piece does it? Tobie
  15. Renegade

    Renegade XS400 Enthusiast

    In one piece would be preferred, but as long as its together enough to see that its an XS400. And again, on would be preferred, but posing next to it is ok too. Just no candid shots of her WALKING PAST

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