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Carb Issues/Replacment

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Danibostro, May 2, 2019.

  1. Danibostro

    Danibostro XS400 Member

    Hello All.

    I have a Yamaha Xs400 special ii.

    I have been dealing with a choke only running issue for a while. I have taken apart the carb and cleaned it I could probably do that with my eyes closed.
    I have tried replacing the boots (I think that's what they are called) (gasket that connect carb to not the filter side).
    So any other suggestions as to what it could be??

    Moving on, I bought new carbs and they are supposed to fit the bike, problem is I need some help. I have no handy people handy. So it's a lone road for me.
    Hoping someone would be able to help me through assembling these. I know how they attach to the bike but I dont know specifically how to put them together or if they need to be attached to the other because the original carbs are connected by a metal bar. Also, what are all these hoses for?

    I have attached pictures. I am trying to get this running so I can ride it. It's a beautiful bike. I just need some help and I do appreciate you taking time to read and hopefully respond!
    Please help! 20190502_205830.jpg 20190502_205732.jpg 20190502_205732.jpg 20190502_205830.jpg 20190502_205732.jpg 20190502_205830.jpg 20190502_205836.jpg 20190502_205843.jpg 20190502_205732.jpg 20190502_205830.jpg 20190502_205836.jpg 20190502_205843.jpg
  2. Lepp

    Lepp XS400 Member

    Those are the wrong. Carbs the ones by bought are a mechanical slide carb for like dirtbikes original is a cv carb I would just get a carb rebuild kit if u even need to may just need to pull out all the jets n clean em with carb cleaner
  3. NewHavenMike

    NewHavenMike 1976 XS360C Top Contributor

    Theres mixed opinions with using carbs other than CV carbs from other Yamahas.

    Youll just have a whole new set of problems with the new carbs.. It will never be a plug and play, you NEED to learn a out carbs and how to clean/tune them

    Go back to the original carbs and start over. Read, read, read, and then read some more..

    Bike only runs on choke= carbs are still dirty. Theres factors other than the carbs that could be an issue though. Could be an air leak still.

    Having the original setup, from the boots to the filters is the easiest and best way to go

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