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Wanted - Frame wanted

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by lhaolpa, May 1, 2011.

  1. lhaolpa

    lhaolpa XS400 Junkie

    I am looking for a frame,any kind as long as it is as big or bigger than an xs 400,no title,OK as I want to build a high powered hill climber/dirt bike.The raunchier,the better. lha PM me. lha:bike::bike:
  2. robbie c

    robbie c XS400 Member

    I have an 81? xs400 frame , but live in Canada don't know the fortunes it will cost to ship
  3. lhaolpa

    lhaolpa XS400 Junkie

    Yeah,it would probably cost a lot,what kind is it? At least I'll know what I can't get.haha:confused::banghead:
  4. robbie c

    robbie c XS400 Member

    its a 81 xs400 black swing arm frame still has the wiring in it too. well most of it
  5. Cintax

    Cintax XS400 New Member

    Does it have a title and do you have pictures Robbie?
  6. lhaolpa

    lhaolpa XS400 Junkie

    Good,you two Canucks deal with each other[just kidding],it's too far for me to ship anyway.Wish you luck in your transaction and getting rid,and getting a frame.What are you going to build with it?I want a frame to build a Monster trail bike,one that will climb any hill,and go through anything. maybe with a motor from an old Toyota truck,back when they made 1300cc motors,real workhorses.Well,good luck to the both of you!!!!! lha:bike:

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