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Fricken pissed gas prices gone up again.$3.88

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Scorpio1963, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. I hear today the price of crude went down $2.00 a barrel.I think we should be jumping for joy right?
  2. 83xs400

    83xs400 XS400 Enthusiast

    Gas is a 1.41 A litre Here in Nova Scotia...
    I Payed 460 a Month for Gas When Driving my 08 Chevy 4X4, so i traded it in.
    Now i Pay 240 a month for Gas in my 2012 Focus, But now im stuck in a lil car.
    Between Gas savings and Insurence saving i save 280 a month. Only way i could afford to live.
  3. This is Our Governments plan is to raise prices of gas so rediculous high that people will get rid of the older cars and buy more fuel efficient vehicles.Also this is a push for people to go green and by hybrid electric cars also.Myself I cant afford it and unless I find a huge bag of money I wont be able to for a long time.My Xs400 is my fuel saver but its only for me.Its not big enough to be a good travel vehicle for my family.I also wish I can buy ethanol free gas!I bought gas for my truck yesterday $3.83 but 10% ethanol.I have been looking in town if there is any ethanol free gas stations there isnt:mad:
  4. Lou Ranger

    Lou Ranger Former xs400 Luddite

    Well, you can't blame your poor government, can you?
    It is living beyond its means and has a lot of fixed costs which it believes it cannot reduce because its boss won't stand for it. So, just like one of us would have to do if our family were going bankrupt, your government either has to get another job to provide a second income, or ask the boss for a raise.

    Now, your government isn't stupid. It looked around and discovered that taxing sin is a winner. People grumble a bit if their booze or their smokes cost more, but they grudgingly go along because in the back of their minds they are ashamed of themselves and know that it they sinned less, they could save money.
    But before tobacco and booze became sinful, they first had to be demonized. And, in the 20th century, they were:
    - "Demon Rum" :yikes: and the "Demon Weed" [​IMG] and after that? $ Ka-Ching, Ka-ching $$.

    So, what is your government to do now, in the 21st century? Before it can tax plant food (CO2), it will have to demonize it. That process is well underway and, if successful, we will have a new sin tax (romantically dubbed a "carbon tax"). Once it's properly demonized, the debate will shift. No one will question the "value" of a sin tax and the only debate will be over how big it should be. Mission accomplished!
  5. Well i read something today that says China is to Blame.Basicaly it says this,Americans are buying less cars which means less fuel tanks to fill.This boils down to less demand for Gasoline in the US.China is manufacturing more cars and this means more cars on the road and more gas tanks to fill.So because the US continues to less of our own domestic fuel,Us and china continue to buy more fuel from the opec nations.personaly I wish we would just tell Opec to go %$I*( themselves!The propaganda machine continues to also blame it on the fact we have about half the refineries as we did back in the 80`s.This maybe true but the refineries we have now are more advanced the old ones and are capable of producing more crude into fuel products.Then they also blame the cost increase on a 4% of refineries shutting down for maintanance.So they cant do this system maticaly and produce more fuel before they shut down the refineries.Then next will be when they switch back to summer blend.You mean with all the technology this country has they cant make a mix of fuel that burns faster and cleaner and somewhere in the middle of two different blends of gasoline they make?Every night I watch the news and they feed us more propaganda BS from day to day on why the cost of fuel prices keep rising.Then throw middle east tensions and whatever more Bull crap lies that they can come up with and the American people wont boycott and protest cause we like getting bent over at the pump and we beleive all the propaganda the Government tells our media that they expect us to beleive.Im glad that i learned not to beleive everything the media tells us a long time ago.Its sad that most americans do.Nothing will ever change till the american people speakup and say enough is enough.
  6. The most fuel efficient vehicle now onsale,buy one of these you wont ever have to buy gas again :laugh:

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  7. An upside to my rant gas prices are going back down,on an average regular unleaded is selling for $3.70 a gallon.I found a station near me for $3.64 and I filled up.
  8. So the high spike gas saga continues.3 weeks $3.64 then 1 week later up to $3.90.Goes down to $3.75 last week for 1 week.Now back to $3.96 wtf.How do we introduce legislation for price control this is getting totaly out of control.:mad:
  9. Lou Ranger

    Lou Ranger Former xs400 Luddite

    Easy. Abandon free market capitalism. Start a 3rd (Social-democratic) political party - get it elected and then replace the economic system with central planning by government apparatchiks in Washington.
  10. Here we ago I guess we can thank N korea and the tensions between them and South korea and the US.$3.58 gas back up $3.85.Us consumers have no control over what the oil co`s can do.:banghead:
  11. Fill up your barrels and every leak proof container you can gets your hands on $360 a gallon today
  12. Lou Ranger

    Lou Ranger Former xs400 Luddite

    $1.21 per litre for regular yesterday, up again today.
  13. Well I hope it hasnt gone up here again today,With loom of doom and gloom with N korea I wouldnt be surprised.Especialy if they make this threat of launching a missle a reality.
  14. Today on the verge of N korea launching a missle gas prices here in Michigan where I live down $3.47.IIts rumored on our local media that it may fall to a lower price of $3.00.Unless Kim Wang Pywang doesnt start a war.:yikes:
  15. Lou Ranger

    Lou Ranger Former xs400 Luddite

    Up $.05 a litre ($.19/gal) here today.
  16. I wouldnt mind paying a little more if I could get ethanol free gas.Its taking its toll on my vehicles.
  17. willem

    willem XS400 Guru

    $2.06 dollars per liter here in holland.

    thats $7.86 per gallon :( :(
  18. Thats alot yes,Fuel went up here again after hitting a low of $3.38.Cause of the Boston Marathon masecre it went back up to $3.70:wtf:
  19. Lou Ranger

    Lou Ranger Former xs400 Luddite

    Well, you folks have to collect more in taxes so you can subsidize southern Europe.
    We only have to subsidize Quebec now that NewFounLand's found oil and the USA only has to subsidize California. :wink2:
  20. I havent been out yet today but i hope since the got the boston bombers it went back down.Even if it went down to $3 I couldnt afford to fill up right now if i wanted to.

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