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Fuse box upgrade

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Sean Shameless, Jun 13, 2022.

  1. Sean Shameless

    Sean Shameless XS400 Enthusiast

    Feeling pretty good about tying up my first project on my new to me xs.
    One day while going over the bike I noticed out of the blue it had no power and after a little inspection concluded the fuses/fuse box were all oxidized and making poor contact.
    So I took on cleaning them up but one tab broke. It was all clearly pretty worn so new fuse box time.
    Was nice to do something kind of in my comfort range before I take on cleaning my carbs once my kit comes in :)

    Attached Files:

    tstidham and JPaganel like this.
  2. JPaganel

    JPaganel XS400 Addict

    That's a pretty clean job.

    I just automatically assume this needs to be done one any Yamaha that is 1982 or older.

    BIFFEDIT idiot savant

    I've been browsing the same products on Amazon today but haven't pulled the trigger yet because I spent the same amount of money on an assortment pack of glass fuses last night. Lol
  4. tstidham

    tstidham XS400 Enthusiast

    This is one of my "to do"'s for my old girl. How is the quality on that new fuse block? I've gotten some pretty janky parts off Amazon so my fear was getting something that only looked better but it not holding up in the long run. Can you share whish one you bought?
  5. Sean Shameless

    Sean Shameless XS400 Enthusiast

    This is the link.
    I’d say the quality seems acceptable but time will tell.
    tstidham likes this.
  6. JPaganel

    JPaganel XS400 Addict

    That one is godawful huge. I like the bottom pin style better.


    I don't have a link, I got that one at a local parts store when I did it.
  7. Sean Shameless

    Sean Shameless XS400 Enthusiast


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