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FZR600 Yamaha Blaster

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by rshutchinson, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Liamthedevastator

    Liamthedevastator It's dingaling'n time

    That's a fine glassing job! I actually like the cluster flush with the tank too.

    I asked one of my friends who Plastidipped his DRZ400 fairings and he said even though he left them outside in the rain for 1.5 years a quick wipe with a cloth rendered them 'like-new'. So I'd say it's probably a great way to go!
  2. I'm finished glassing the tank, I'll paint it in the next few days and post some photo's. I've got to glass some things on the hood and perhaps the rear fender if I don't cut them and the plastics are done.

    Few little things to finish up. Had a hell of a time with bleeding the front brakes but got them good enough for now. I'm going to have to take the clutch apart tomorrow to unstick the disks (I think that's the problem anyway) and all the big stuff is done for now. I probably should have also added an upper chain roller to keep chain slack at bay but didn't. That was a dumb move on my part but it's only paint anyway if I add one later. I'm thinking of trying to fab a spring loaded tensioner that mounts to the swing arm or foot peg bolt holes first.

    I rode the bike a few minutes around the house today to try and unstick the plates with no luck and wow; insane is all I can say about the bike. It will be a handful that's for sure.
  3. Took it to my in-laws tonight for them to try out.

    Then went out for some trail riding. It works great. Need to make up a spring loaded tensioner sometime but not a big deal.


    Last edited: Jun 9, 2016
  4. Wolfe_11B

    Wolfe_11B XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    haha that thing is great man. It's pretty cool hearing that FZR sound on a quad!
  5. It's definitely different in a quad but it sounds awesome. Great to finally ride it. When I don't have to drive the car back home I'll get some video where I can actually get dirty.
  6. It's insanely fun to ride, love it so far.

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  7. 79xs

    79xs XS400 Enthusiast

    Very slick. I'm thinking about doing the same swap into a Raptor 660 frame. Did you run into any issues with cooling?
  8. dgoodsy

    dgoodsy XS400 Enthusiast

    awesome build, this thing must be pretty wild! Do you have any more detail pictures of the fiberglassing process? I tried some fiberglassing for the first time this fall and it turned out okay, but could definitely learn from someone who has done more.
  9. No problems with cooling. I had the inlet moved on the radiator to be on the same side as the outlet so they both entered/exited on the back. The inlet rad hose follows the lower frame rail and then up between the two a-arms into the rad. For the outlet I reused a section of the factory hose as it had the right bends I needed and then used a 3/4" copper coupler to attach it to a new piece. I added tubing to the bumper to protect the bottom of the rad and then cut out a rad guard from expanded metal mesh. The rad fan wiring seems to be water proof and has so far seemed to be that way. I ran the connector up the hood of the bike and used di-electric grease to keep water and moisture out there.

    I may have some photo's on photo bucket that I didn't post here but I didn't take many photo's. I just wing it, haha. I wish I could be more help. Are there any specific areas you struggle with?
  10. dgoodsy

    dgoodsy XS400 Enthusiast

    I was more looking for general tips I guess. I didn't really research much before I did it, just followed the instructions on the box. The job I did was basically adding strength to an filling a crack. It looks like you created structure in a large void/gap to make that cover longer, how did you do that?
  11. Well fibreglass doesn't like to stick to plastic so you really need to rough that up or even drill holes to give it more to hold on to.

    Yes, that is all fibreglass in the middle to lengthen the cover. I bolted both halves to their mounts on the bike and used a heat gun on the plastic to help give it some shape I needed and to clear the air filters. Then laid a bunch of tin foil over the filters so the new cover would have a gap between it and the filters. I also used tinfoil in areas as a mould to also give the shape I wanted so you can lay the fibreglass over it. Then lay the wet fibreglass over both halves. Do atleast 2 or 3 layers and it'll have some strength. I also glassed the backside after to help hold it all together.
  12. dgoodsy

    dgoodsy XS400 Enthusiast

    Yeah I did rough it up before glassing and put 3 layers of mat on the back side covering the crack, my work seems fine structurally. After painting it though it is evident where the crack was, looks like the fiberglass in the crack got sanded down father than the plastic itself and there is a slight groove. I'm not concerned about it for this piece but it would be nice not to have the same issue next time.

    That's a good idea with the tin foil fit clearance and shape, I will remember that one!

    Anyway I will quit cluttering this thread, good work again on this project!

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