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Hardtailed77's "Re-build Thread"

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by hardtailed77, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Hey guys. This is my XS400 that I built last winter. It is hardtailed, and runs a 21" front and 18" rear wheel. The front is an Akront rim laced to the stock hub, and the rear came from a "Heritage Special" XS650. The bike was built in about a two month time-frame, so it wasn't perfect by any means. I went for the "rat-bike" style, but am shooting for a more finished look this go around. I hope to have this completed by Memorial Day 2011. Let me know what you guys think, and I cant wait to update when I start the break-down.

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  2. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    I really like it as it is! got a great look there.
    i think you may need to change the tank if your going for a more polished look that intergrates more with the frame design and maybe raise the exhaust over the engine cases.

    just my 2c worth
  3. Travis

    Travis Staff Member Staff Member

    Looks like a drag bike. I like it.

    Not that you probably really care, but I can tell you that the rear wheel is not from a heritage special XS650. Those came with 48 spoke rear wheels and 64 spoke front wheels. The rear wheel is probably just from a regular or special XS650. :shrug:
  4. Thanks drewpy!! Yeah, I've always loved the "rat" look. I tried to stay away from the normal flat black though, and I think the paint turned out great! It actually took awhile to get the "patina" to look right. lol I have thought about the tank, and am open to specific suggestions on it, as long as it isn't a sporty tank. I like the look of them, but I'd like to keep the bike a little different. The exhaust is definitely getting changed. I drag the pipes on most turns, and the exhaust wrap doesn't like to be drug along asphalt. lol I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with the pipes yet, but I think they will end up being pretty short when I'm finished.
  5. Thanks Travis, I'm glad you approve of the look (maybe not the lack of rear fender though....lol). Yeah, I wasn't entirely sure that the wheel came from the Heritage. It has a "shoulder" on each side of the rim, just like my front Akront wheel. It may actually be an Akront, but it doesn't have the same markings as the front. I'm totally clueless as to what bike either wheel came on stock, since I picked them up from diffferant swap meets. I've heard that Akront wheels are pretty rare, but that was from the guy I bought it from, so I have no idea. lol
  6. Also, I just thought I would add that having the "lift" in the pictures to work on the bike is the best thing! I have about 85 bucks in it total, and everything was purchased for it new. I got tired of sitting on the concrete garage floor, so it has definitely served it's purpose. It only took about 3 and a half hours to build, and has a removable ramp. The table itself is 8ft. x 30in. and the ramp is 8ft. x 18in. Here are a few more pictures if anyone is interested...

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  7. TheMainMuel

    TheMainMuel Cycle Junkie

    Wow bro, that thing is slammed! I love it. How did you get the forks so short? Do you still have the stock backbone or did you put in a single tube backbone?

    Personally I love it the way it is, but if you're wanting to give it a cleaner look, I think a little alien tank or something would look pretty sweet!

    I dig that bench as well. I built one for mine too, but mine isn't nearly as nice. Do you have any plans on that or did you just build as you went?
  8. Thanks for the nice compliments man!! Yeah, it definitely sits pretty low, I drag stuff all the time! lol The front has been raked (I don't remember how much, I kind of just eyeballed it!), and the front has been lowered to match. I just took the springs out of the forks, cut them down, and added spacers. I do still have the stock backbone. The top rails for the hardtail meet those two tubes along the center tube in the backbone. I like the bike the way it is, but I can do better work, and want to show that to people. I don't have any plans on the bench, I sort of just made it up as I went. lol All of the vertical pieces are attached with screws and 5/8in bolts. I have had the bike, my welder, and myself on top, and it didn't move an inch. I put wheels on the bottom so I could maneuver it around my garage a little easier.
  9. Travis

    Travis Staff Member Staff Member

    Yeah nice "lift". I like how the ramp stores underneath it. I've been wanting a real bike lift for a long time, but since I never get around to buying one, maybe I should just build something like that.
  10. yep...that bike lift will be duplicated in my garage soon!!
    nice idea!!
  11. I wanted a lift, but could only afford the cheaper ones like from Harbor Freight. I've read reviews from some in that price range, and they were mostly horrible, so I decided to build my own. It may not actually "lift", but it does its job perfectly. The only thing I would like to add is a front wheel lock (Harbor Freight carries decent ones) to keep the bike on the table instead of using the straps. I put it on heavy duty casters, so it is mobile. I can take some measurements if you guys need them, but I just kinda flew by the seat of my pants. Let me know fellas!
  12. the guy I bought my xs 400 from had the harbor frieght lift...1200 lb one...said the hydraulic ram went out two days after he got it...they exchanged the entire unit out for him at the store....he also welded supports to his front wheel chock as it wasnt strong enough in his opinion...but he got his on sale for $299...thats pretty cheap compared to the other lifts offered.
    But I still like the price and quality of yours better!!
    More money in the kitty for bike mods!!
  13. Yeah, I had heard similar things about the Harbor Freight lift. No grease fittings in any of the joints, took around 75 pumps with the foot powered pump to raise it completely, among other things. It just didn't seem like a good buy for the money, so I took it upon myself to just make my own. I have seen a decent one online that a guy made completely out of plywood. It breaks down into like 6 sheets for storage. That may be something to look at also.
  14. I finally got to get a little work started. I have the entire bike tore down to the bare frame now. None of the welds were finished for looks last time, so I plan on cleaning the frame up a lot. The frame will be painted with truck bed lining for durability and cost. I think it will look pretty good, and be easy to repair if it gets chipped later. I labeled all the wiring (even though there really wasn't much!), and have everything that came off the bike in a similar area of the garage. The one question I have for you guys is this....I want to change the neck bearings out to get rid of all the little balls (had to hunt a few down when removing the trees). What options do I have to change those out, and where can I get some? Well, here are a few pics of the progress so far...Enjoy

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  15. Here are a couple close-ups of the wheels. I know the front is an Akront wheel, supposedly from a 70's dirt bike. It is a 21" wheel. The rear was supposed to have come from a "Heritage Special" XS650, but Travis was nice enough to inform me that the amount of spokes on my wheel isn't the same as what came on the Heritage. So my best guess is that the wheel is from a "regular" XS650. It is an 18" wheel. If anyone can tell me somehow what exact model either of these wheels came from, it would be a great help. I have plans to replace the brakes in the wheels, but not knowing the model isn't making it very easy on me.

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  16. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    there's taper bearing availble for the xs's, they do sit a little proud though, but that will affect bikes with headlamp ears.
    I'm a great beliver in them and i even fitted them to my push bike
  17. Where would I get some of the tapered style? Would the bearings from a 650 work, or are the 400's differant? I can change the headlight mount if need be. Thanks for the info drewpy!
  18. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    400's are different, I got mine from Pyramid parts who are an Ebay seller

  19. Thanks again drewpy! You're always a tremendous help!!

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