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Wanted - Headlight ring and mount ring

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by John C Hannah, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. John C Hannah

    John C Hannah XS400 Enthusiast

    I have an 81 xs400 special SOHC

    I have the headlight bucket and the wiring and the bulb

    I need the bulb mount ring and the ring that holds it all in.

    Who's got one?

    There's a mount ring on eBay for an 82xs400J but i don't know if that would fit mine.
  2. skintech

    skintech I love Bikes, Boobs and Tattoos!

    7 or 8 inch? i assume round?
  3. John C Hannah

    John C Hannah XS400 Enthusiast

    I actually just went ahead and bought a new head light ‍♂️. A brand new bucket and all the mounting rings wasn't much more than replacing the stock hardware , and I already had the bulb.

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