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Hello XS400 world and difficulty idling

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Gael, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. Gael

    Gael XS400 New Member

    Hi all,
    My name is Gael, I am new to the site and super thankful that it exists as it's been a huge source of information and help in the last few months. My 84 DOHC Maxim400 was sadly sitting in my garage since 2010 not running and saw me through a move from one province to the next and two new kids for a total of three. Finally, this spring, I managed to find and purchase a parts bike and invest many hours to bring my Corazon (her name) back to life. I hope to truly test her out this summer by riding about 500km west and back.
    She's no stranger to big adventures, since I rode her from Vancouver to Queretaro, Mexico back in 2008. The point of that was to make her my Mexico-based adventure machine, but that dream never materialized as our first kids was in the works shortly after that trip. Luckily, a friend brought her back to Vancouver and she hadn't run until this spring.
    The current iteration of Corazon is a blend of parts from the original and the parts bike. The original colour is berry red, but since the parts bike's tank is on, it's sporting a black and blue tank. By the end of the summer, I hope to have everything painted in the original red and hopefully good mechanical condition.
    It rides pretty good now but I've ordered a 17T sproket up front as I do find it revs high at speed. Kind of wish I could get my hands on a 6-speed Seca engine!
    The idle isn't great right now, I have to give it a bit of gas to keep it alive at red lights. If I try to open the idle with the adjust screw it then revs too high, especially when I get off the highway after the engine has been revving high and stop at the first light. I've opened the idle mixture screws to 4 turns and it seems to have made a bit of difference but still; I can't idle. Going to take the carbs off and apart soon and try to clean 'em out. May also see how my spare carb from the parts bike does instead.
    If you've made it so far, thanks for reading and if you have any advice for the idle issue, please don't hesitate!

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