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Hot Damn Carb Cleaning!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Pawl, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Pawl

    Pawl Arctic chop & bob

    Drop yer cocks & grab yer socks!. . . . .and run out an get one of these gizmos right away! 200 bucks for me after I got ass-raped outta 50 bucks on shipping ($150 for most of you south of 60).
    I picked up a dirt cheap '73 CB750 this spring that has been in a shed since '96. The bike has massively gummed carbs, the likes of which only come along when you find such a restore worthy barn find (18,000 miles on it). Anyway I bought this Ultrasonic bath from a company called igem outta somwhere in the states. It works so good that if there was enough demand for it a guy could get into the biz! .. . . gonna do my 400 carbs this winter

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  2. XS400D

    XS400D Carb Fiddling Enthusiast

    HOLY CRAP! Why don't you live near me?!?!
  3. redratbike

    redratbike XS400 Addict

    jesus thats clean..now i've actually seen pics of ultrasonically cleaned carbs think i need to do mine for sure
  4. XS400D

    XS400D Carb Fiddling Enthusiast

    AWESOME!! I just found out my friend has the harbor freight sonic cleaner.
  5. XS-Time

    XS-Time XS400 Addict

    Wow! That is impessive. I didn't know it worked so well.
  6. Pawl

    Pawl Arctic chop & bob

    I have a friend who is an airplane mechanic, and he was praising the ultrasonic cleaning pretty hard, so I decided I would give it a try, he said to get one that has heating, so I did. (I also searched quite hard for a deep one -6"x6"x5.5") The first time I used it I waited . . and waited . . and waited for the fluid to heat up. so the next time I just boiled the water first. Mine has a built in thermometer and the water was about 75 degrees C. I filled the tank about a little more than half way with boiling water, and a couple big glugs of white vinegar, a couple small glugs of Spray Nine, and a couple quick squirts of dish soap (all together, the tank is about 2/3 full). I do the carb in 2 runs of 1/2 hr. each (built in timer), after stripping the carb down, the bowl and the body go in, after 1/2 hr. all the rest of the bits go in for another 1/2 hr. As soon as it comes out I throw it in some gasoline to get rid of any water. After drying off, I hit everything with a little bit of scotch brite (takes about 1/2 hr.) but any remaining grunge is very loose. This wiki link will explain how this really cool magic works. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultrasonic_cleaning
  7. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    that's the best clean I've seen, you need to show the picture to peeps who say they cleaned their carbs!!

    its not just a stiff brush on the outside of the float bowl!

    @redrat i've used JRS http://jrs.uk.com/jrs/JRS_Home.html
  8. striker85

    striker85 XS400 Member

    check out vjmog if you get stumped while working on that sohc. I'm a DOHC owner.
  9. the harbor fright ones fit a whole carb body even after it's stripped of bowls and vac tower hats. You can do two, half and half and most of the components in about 4 separate batches. Better than not at all but it's kinda a pain.
  10. redratbike

    redratbike XS400 Addict

  11. You guys in the Great White North do good work, Eh? Seriously, those are clean as the proverbial whistle, good job! Incidentally, anyone who hasn't seen the "Worlds Fastest Indian" should rent it. Old Burt was a hardcore biker for sure.
  12. Maxim-umm

    Maxim-umm XS400 Addict

    WOW! Now I definitely want one of those. I have an old, single carb lying around waiting to be cleaned. I already tried cleaning it once with little luck...a ton of varnish and gunk from sitting outside for ~8yrs. Also, that movie is great! Seen it many times now and will watch it again many times more.
  13. chris

    chris XS400 Enthusiast

    Pawl, where did you get that incredible machine?
  14. eric123

    eric123 XS400 Addict

  15. Pawl

    Pawl Arctic chop & bob

  16. lhaolpa

    lhaolpa XS400 Junkie

    I've got an'82 secaDOHC but they have the same carbs. lha
  17. Pawl

    Pawl Arctic chop & bob

    Are they Keihin carbs on your Seca ? A Yamaha with keihin's would be odd for sure.
  18. lhaolpa

    lhaolpa XS400 Junkie

    No as far as I know all of the xs400's haveBS34 carbs,which are Mikunis,and I don't remember the mention of Kehin. lha

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