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I Am The Chrome King; The Real Way To Beat Rust On Chrome

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Jordan Scott McDUff, May 9, 2022.

  1. Jordan Scott McDUff

    Jordan Scott McDUff XS400 New Member

    Hey, everyone, I am new here. I just purchased an XS400 1978 over the weekend. I don't even have an MC License yet, but I am working on it. Anywho, I have been around cars my whole life and I wanted to get into a project bike. I picked up a garage find that had 500 original miles and sat for forty years. In my desire to bring her back to shine I started working on the chrome because it was in rough shape, with rust spots everywhere and I'll be honest as I was polishing away I was beginning to think that I was going to need a new front fender ($45 ish bucks on eBay). I used everything from Vinegar, to Turtle Wax, and nothing would make a serious dent in Chrome until I found a small backwoods article about using Aluminum Foil + Water to beat the chrome. I was really afraid it was going to scratch the S### out of my chrome but it was a lighter metal than Chrome so there was no scratching involved. I was willing to do anything at this point and honestly, the results speak for themselves. It reminded me of those old cleaning commercials in the early 2000s for lime-away. And this was the golden ticket for everything.

    Aluminum Foil, Water, and Elbow Grease.
    Then I polished it with a heavy Aluminum / Chrome Polish (Blue Magic)
    and then a lighter Chrome Polish (Never Dull)

    Could not be happier with my results and I'm on my way for this to be my show bike in no time.

    Blue Magic.jpeg Front Fender Before And After Line.jpeg Muffler Before.jpeg Muffler After.jpeg Muffler Intake Manifold Before.jpeg Muffler Intakr Manifold After.jpeg
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