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Image Sizes - Resize Pictures Online

Discussion in 'Site How-To Articles' started by XS400, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. XS400

    XS400 Administrator Staff Member

    Image Physical Size and File Size Optimization:

    For optimum viewing and download times, pictures posted to XS400.com should have a physical size of 1,200 pixels or less on the longest size and be under 300Kb in file size. This includes attachments and pictures uploaded to albums. Pictures hosted externally (photobucket, etc.) that are displayed full-size in posts should be 800 pixels or less on the longest size and should also be 300Kb or less in file size to keep download times reasonable.

    Resizing Images:

    To attach or upload pictures to XS400.com, they need to be smaller than 300Kb in size. If they are up to 1Mb in size, the site software will try to change the quality of the image to get the file size down. Pictures downloaded from a digital camera are usually many Mb in file size and a couple thousand pixels on the longest side. They are large for printing purposes. The best method for resizing both the physical size and file size of an image for internet use is by using software on your computer such as photoshop or by using online image editors such as www.splashup.com or http://pixlr.com. Once images have been resized for the internet, it's easy to attach or upload them to the site.


    For more information the ways to post pictures to XS400.com, see: How to Post Pictures

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