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My 79 xs400 build

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by bennett834725, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Bobberstan86

    Bobberstan86 fast and loud

    Did these just go straight on?
  2. Yes and no they are the same diameter pipes but need a bigger crush washer also end to push the pipes a hit closer together to make em fit

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  3. Ooops, it looks like a couple typos. The original posting says they are for a CB750. Also it's showing the price as $79 plus $55 shipping to the US.

    The guy makes cafe seats as well. I asked him about making one for a XS. I'll let you know what he says.
  4. He make a set for a xs750 just looked a lot different and he had mine up for auction not buy it now

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  5. Wow, you got a good deal then.
  6. njcafe84

    njcafe84 XS400 Addict

    Im confused.....the link you posted said the rearsets are for a cb750 dohc.

    So should I contact him and ask about a set for the 82 cb650 or the cb750?
  7. bcware

    bcware Well-read Top Contributor

    Thanks for all the details; this makes adding rear-sets a very reasonable modification.

    How does the side stand sit when it is folded up? Is it in the way at all? I had to lengthen mine because I raised the rear so much.

    I'm curious as to how this would work with my exhaust. I have a 2-1, but my pipe is much bigger and runs up the side of the bike.
  8. my bad it was a type for cb750 not the 650 lol
  9. what do you mean side stand? and my exhaust comes out the right hand side
  10. bcware

    bcware Well-read Top Contributor

    I meant how does the side stand sit on the left hand side. I am just wondering if it will interfere or get in the way when it's folded up.

    I might be mixing you up because I will likely have fitment issues on both sides with my current setup.
  11. are you talking about the kick stand
  12. Contact info for the maker of the rear sets: vietbac_pham@yahoo.com

    Here is his response to whether he can make a seat and tailpiece like this one but for an XS:

    "I could make it at the same price but please base on the dimension in attached photo to measure your seat and send it back to me. It will be off the ebay.

    He sent an image with all the dimensions he needs but I can't seem to copy it for here. You'd have to write him yourself.

    bennett: thanks for the hook up.

    Hope this helps.
  13. njcafe84

    njcafe84 XS400 Addict

    So is he making a seat for you iamunique127?
  14. i made my own seat pan and seat lol and your welcome i wouldnt wanna pay 200 for a set of rear sets lmao
  15. Spad

    Spad XS400 Addict

    Bennett,Just stumbled on your posts...Terrible about the break in, glad they got the rat...Didn't realize another XS400 café guy lived so close...Weather hasn't been any good for ridin down our way. You have done some nice stuff and great info too...See you on the road one of these days..I always carry a 9....Bill
  16. njcafe84

    njcafe84 XS400 Addict

    Bennett...in the pic the toe piece on the shifter is facing the wrong direction....did yours come that way? Is it just bolted and you switched it around?

    Does the kick start pedal clear the rearsets?
    Any idea if the rearsets would clear a stock exhaust?
  17. bcware

    bcware Well-read Top Contributor

    Yes, side stand and kick stand are the same thing :)
  18. yea its just screwed on wrong lol:thumbsup:

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