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my new project/ first bike/81 xs400h

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by ahale2772, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Requiem

    Requiem XS400 Addict

    holy sh#t! first thing that crossed my mind as well :D
  2. dO-bOy

    dO-bOy Woohooo!

    i was close, i thought more johnny 5

  3. Ace4569

    Ace4569 Original XS400 Chick

    Heh I was thnking wall-e too lol. This bike looks awesome. Nice job. Besides the seat are you going to do anything else. I'm sad to see this build coming to the end -_-;
  4. HoughMade

    HoughMade XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    This certainly is an ambitious build. I like the design. Good work!
  5. frwinks

    frwinks XS400 Addict

    funny how with everything on the bike, the massive swing arm gets lost back there.. Turned out KILLER bud, That thing is going to play tricks on a lot of eyes:laugh:
  6. ahale2772

    ahale2772 XS400 Addict

    thanks guys :), first ride today!!!!

    got my sprocket in the other day and got back from florida late last night.

    sprocket fit great, threw it on but i still need to heat treat it, ill do that next.

    chain fits great, had to clearance some more in the cover to get it to work allthe way, also the clutch mechanism was nowhere neer fitting, I had to mount it on the outside of the cover, no biggie, made a new pushrod and reversed the whole mechanism, pull might be a tad bit harder but not too bad.

    developed a huge oil leak outof the side cover, I think I just played with the gasket too much, ill order a kit tomorro

    also, jets are a bit off still I think ill step up to a 147.5 on the main, ill order those with the gasket kit.

    bike felt great on the road, cant wait to spank it on some twisties :)

    gona rain here all week so ill finish some wiring and stuff and get her riding!!!

    thanks for all he help guys!

    the clutch...

    the sprocket... (a work of art, I highlty reccomend gary poh...)

    chain, good amount of slack with no rub, also the chain dosnt tighten much when the suspentin is loaded.

  7. Ace4569

    Ace4569 Original XS400 Chick

    That's awesome work. I think what I like most about your back wheel is the reflective qualities of the red ring
  8. dO-bOy

    dO-bOy Woohooo!

    iwana see a pik of you on the bike riding position
  9. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

  10. Ace4569

    Ace4569 Original XS400 Chick

    Indeed sounds good to me. On this bike it really in insane how that swing arm looks so small now
  11. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    no rear engine mount bolt?:eek:
  12. volcomskater77

    volcomskater77 XS400 Chopophile Top Contributor

    damn dude. you pulled this thing together. and FAST. lol that clutch is beautiful. i love it.
  13. ahale2772

    ahale2772 XS400 Addict

    thanks folks,

    yeah drewps, there was never a rear engine mount on my bike, im guessing the previous guys cut it off?? i dont even know what it would look like...

    yeah, ill probably go hydrolic sooner than later, once the mechanical syslem starts effing up, which im sure it will

    do-boy, ill get one soon, once she is back together, got the side cover apart now, ordering gaskets tonight.

    ace, yeah im gona redo the reflecor thingies, once I paint the rims, I like them too:bike:
  14. Shawngilr1

    Shawngilr1 XS400 Member

    Wow..This is an awesome build!! You have put a lot of work in to this!! Great design and well put together!!
  15. ahale2772

    ahale2772 XS400 Addict

    I need a gasket kit!!!....but i cant find one.... ive tried bike bandit, parts and more...

    anyone have a kit that they havnt used all of...? all i need is the left hand side cover (alternator cover) gasket
  16. tonupNW

    tonupNW xs newbie

    With the rim reflectors its gonna look like TRON! SO if Wallie and Tron had a baby, this is what it would look like. lol
  17. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    make one, get some gasket material!
  18. ahale2772

    ahale2772 XS400 Addict

    yeah I ended up snagging one off of FleeBay, 24bucks looks like a OEM kit.

    that side cover spews oil when thew bike is running, right out of the bottom of the case/cover, I think I just took it off too many times when trying to make the charging system work.

    I cant wait to do some riding!!!, supposibly another 10days of rain around these parts :(
  19. ahale2772

    ahale2772 XS400 Addict


    so I went and replaced the gaskets on the alternator side cover and I still had a bad leak, now the leak is coming from the clutch pushrod seal

    looks like my setup was putting some side load force on the clutch pushrod, witch inturn snapped and ruined the seal....ughhh

    so i've got a seal and pushrod on order ebay/bikebandit,

    is it hard to replace that seal? I seem to remeber hearing it was hard to replce with the engine together...? .... or am i thinking about a different seal?
  20. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    yamaha and haynes say to split the case, yea right, just drift it in with a suitable sized socket and lube!

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