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Hi all, Just bought a used xs400. not sure what year or model, the reg papers just say 1980 xs400 but I'm not so sure... It's got wire wheels and drum brakes with an electric starter. haven't read up on that combo much but I'm guessing its an XS400H based on wiring diagrams. I'll upload pics when I get the gas tank back on. It was running when I purchased it and would start quickly with both kick and electric start but I'm having trouble getting it running now.

So that electric starter; It sat in my basement for about two days before I wheeled it through the snow to the shed. I tried to start her up with the electric start, It turned over a few times then stopped. Naturally I checked the fuses an looked for corrosion first but found nothing so I assumed it was the battery as the seller said it was well due for a replacement, I replaced it, charged it, and still nothing from the starter motor or solenoid. My neutral light was out even though it wasn't in gear, I looked at the diagram and - correct me if I'm wrong - it should start with out it being in neutral if you pull the clutch. I fixed the neutral light issue just tonight and will test it again in the morning (the wire next to the front sprocket going to the neutral switch was disconnected). I checked the voltages before I fixed the neutral light and now I'm also suspecting this sketchy looking after market starter solenoid. I get normal voltages from the start button without it plugged in but I get really odd ones with it plugged in (I.E. 12v with out pushing the start button but 0-0.3v while pushing :wtf:). I'm also wondering if it has anything to do with the safety relay but I can't find it so I can't confirm this. I'm pretty good with electronics, but this stumped me. any other failure points that I could test? Or the location of the illusive safety relay? I need to get it running so I can change the oil before it gets to cold to work in the shed.

Thanks for any help/comments
A quick check of the VIN will tell you the year and model. The ID lists are available by Google, or through search engine here.
cool! This is my first bike so that's why I'm asking the forum if I missed something that's keeping the eStart from working