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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by CalgaryStreetBob, Aug 31, 2022.

  1. CalgaryStreetBob

    CalgaryStreetBob XS400 Member

    New guy here, hi everyone.
    1982 xs400 heritage special
    from Calgary Canada
    vin starts with 14W

    I just finished turning a 81 virago into a bobber so I'm not new to bikes, just new to 400's
    I stripped it down, split the case and built her back up no problems there.. I can usually figure it out..

    Same old story. Old bike... sat for a long time.....

    Long term plans is to make this into a 70's style chopper hardtail. basic bare bones wiring. Strip it all down and build it back up.

    Got the bike 2 days ago

    1. The pistons were stuck from sitting for so long. Oiled the sparkplug holes and twisted them the next day Got them unstuck.

    2. Shifter was not shifting through the gears. Got both sides off of the motor and the shifter that activates the gears up and down under the clutches was disconnected. I reconnected it and got her back together. I found neutral.
    (SORT OF.)

    3. When I was kicking it over it was turning the back wheel. I was pulling the leaver.

    4. I don't have keys so I hot wired it to the key and to the fuse box. and got the bike to turn over and she started, with the electric start. Fired up in under 2 minutes of turning it over. Now it starts no problem.

    5 Today I was trying to use the kick start, battery is dead.

    6. With the bike in neutral there doesn't seem to be much back pressure on the kick start.
    Is this normal ???

    7. I put the bike in gear and tried again, pulled in the clutch and it is still engaging the rear wheel. I adjusted the clutch, the nut and tightened it in a bit until I felt pressure, and it is still powering the rear wheel when I kick it over I was applying the hand lever.
    Don't know why.???
    pulled off clutch cover. I can see the clutch pull away when I pull the clutch lever I. And when I pull the lever the bike is still hard to roll. Forward or back. I can hear a whining when I try to roll the bike bac almost like the starter is winding. Not sure what is happening here .
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2022
  2. tstidham

    tstidham XS400 Addict

    I'd pull the clutch basket assembly apart. Maybe the plates/fibers have dried out and are sticking together leaving the clutch engaged regardless of lever position. Pay attention to the plate positions (I think the outermost fiber is clocked differently from the rest of the pack on the outer tabs) and soak them in a small tray of engine oil to re-hydrate them with oil.
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