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New Seca Owner

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Arkiwi, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Arkiwi

    Arkiwi XS400 New Member

    Hello all. I’m new to the xs400 family, but well familiar with old bikes! I’ve owned a few Honda SOHC4 bikes, so I’m happy to only have two carbs to deal with now! I’ve recently purchased a 1984 xs400 Seca. No offence to anyone here, but I do think the bike is ugly. I’m planning to do something to it in the future, but I’m happy just using it as a commuter at the moment.

    What I know about the bike:
    Not that much, really. It has 40k kms, only done about 10k in the last 10 years. The PO changed the oil, put new plugs in, and recently rebuilt the brake master. It runs and rides pretty well. The idle can stay high after riding a little ways, so I’m sure I’ll need to pull the carbs and do a clean and all that.

    About me:
    I’m from the middle of nowhere Arkansas but am a permanent resident in Nelson, New Zealand. I’ve been in NZ for 7 years. I’m a greenskeeper at a golf club. I’m familiar with servicing old bikes (mostly Honda), but would like to get a bit more into fabrication. I’d love to build my own exhaust, tail and tank for this bike at some point. I was in the process of building a 1973 Honda cb500 four when my first child was born (end of January). I’m no idiot, so I knew I wouldn’t have time to finish the build, so I sold it as an unfinished project and bought this bike with about half the money from the sale(saving the rest for baby stuff and brownie points with the wife). I’m happy just getting this running sweet and using for a commuter until I have time to do some fun stuff to it.

    Here’s some pics (hopefully)
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
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  2. Arkiwi

    Arkiwi XS400 New Member

    This is where I was with the Honda when I sold it. Most of the bits were just slapped on to sell it. I planned to do a scrambler ish thing with it. I went crazy with the frame colour too.

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