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New To Site!!!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by YammaBobba, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. YammaBobba

    YammaBobba XS400 Member

    Hey I'm Seth I'm new to the Yamaha world but got a gift that I am hoping to figure out. I got a 1977 xs360d for free and having some issues that I think are caused by wiring issues. Im going to at some point turn it into a custom bobber but would like to atleased get it started and go from there. For starters the bikes all there and in great shape the back has been cut off from the guy before me going to mod it. Also different tires on it already big thickys LOL. I tried to start it one day and nothing happened at all. No power or anything. I first checked the fusing where I found out the fuses were hard wired besides two fuses. I check them and the main fuse was the only one with power the others didnt have any not even the ignition fuse. I then decided to run a wire from battery right to the ignition where u put the key in. I hit the start button and did hear the starter click everytime i hit it but thats it. I have found a colored wiring diagram but have no idea how to read it I know its common since on most but the symbols to me are clueless. I have worked on bikes before like harleys, motorized bikes ect but never a Yamaha and for some reason there like a new animal to me I dont understand it. Can anyone help me out understand maybe whats going on and what I can do to better this bike. I cant wait to hear this thing start. After all this time I have finally found this site. Any comments helping me are much appriciated I am a young buck trying to gain some knowlledge with these I have seen so many cool things done with Yamahas and got me into it. Im just confused with this wiring because someone has tampered with it:banghead:
  2. YammaBobba

    YammaBobba XS400 Member

    I guess not many people know this error lol. No a post yet hping to find an awnser sooon
  3. jmd_forest

    jmd_forest Bldg 1980 XS400 Cafe Bike

    Sorry to say but the combination of the wiring being chopped by the PO, the lack of detail in your post and the numerous possibilities that could be contributing to your problem make it a little tough to provide a helpful response. There are several manuals posted on this site with detailed wiring diagrams that might be helpful. I've used them to help solve problems on my xs400 and found that they are reasonably easy to read and thorough.

    Does it kick over? Is it possible the engine is frozen? Also you can try jumping the starter selonoid to see if it will turn over. It also helps to have a fully charged battery.

    Best of luck with your project.
  4. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    good Intro Seth.

    maybe the best way to sort your wiring out is to get a replacement loom. If the PO has messed with it, there is no way that we can advise from a distance. If you want to just test the engine all you need is;

    power to the coils from battery
    power to TCI if you have that
    connections to pickup (TCI) or points/condensor
    connection to coils from points or TCI

    if you look at my old vid, I used a strip down wiring just to start it and the battery connection was the "ignition key" just run an earth lead from battery to frame and use a multimeter to trace the connections.
    The multiconnectors and their postions give the game away as to where the connections go.

  5. YammaBobba

    YammaBobba XS400 Member

    Forest its about detailed as it gets what I have posted is exactly whats been done. If you kick start it it has that compression feeling but with lack of power somewhere of corse it wont start. The battery is new and charged. Drewper glad you found this yeah ill test the motor then and see how that part goes if just doing that will turn the motor on then im game and if it does the project is on and after I stretch it ill just rewire it myself how I want to the right way. I got a multimeter so Ill check it out thanks to you both for advice

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