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Raask rearsets- anyone else struggling with them?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Jay, May 4, 2022.

  1. Jay

    Jay XS400 Enthusiast

    I bought these from Raask directly. They suck. Now that i have them, I feel stuck with them. Sivert is less than useful when trying to get any support at all. Looking to see if anyone else has had similar issues with them, and what their solutions were.

    The shifter side rearset fits fine, but the actual shift motion never feels positive. I actually have no idea if it has changed gear. The OEM rearset had a positive shift feel to it. These rearsets simply dont. After I shift, I slowly let the clutch out and cringe to see if the bike took a gear change or not.

    The brake side rearset is a disaster. Sivert was clear upfront the kickstart will not clear the rearset. I made that work by bending the kickstarter (with a lot of heat and my press), and clearencing the backside of the peg. SO I fold the rearset up and the kickstarter works... sometimes. Since there is nothing on the rearset brack that actually locates the peg, it spins around in the bracket from time to time. Nice

    The linkage rod provided was a mile too long. So now thats been addressed.

    The linkarge arm that comes up from the the splined shaft and connects to the linkage rod doesnt clear the bolt head for the rearset. right now, I have the arm set to about 12-1 o'clock. If I rotate it any farther to the left to clear the bolt head, the linkage rod becomes too long, and I cannot shorten it any more.

    Then, there is the return spring for the lever. Its a joke. It hangs a quarter inch below the brake lever. I have no idea how toi install it whatsoever.

    Raask provided a single page of garbage instructions, with pictures that were soo blurry, a hand drawing by Michael J Fox would have been more clear.

    I asked Raask for better, more detailed pics, explained the issues I was having, and the dude sent me pics of a photo album of pics. Has never provided clear and concise instructions... especially on the return spring installation.

    Im not a complete dope, Ive built a bike or two.... cannot get these to work. Any help is appreciated
  2. Jay

    Jay XS400 Enthusiast

    Pics of both sides:

    Shift side: 6.jpg
    4.jpg 5.jpg

    Brake side:
    2.jpg 1.jpg

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