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For Sale - RealMotoCo 1981 XS400 for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by RealMotoCo, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. RealMotoCo

    RealMotoCo XS400 New Member

    RealMotoCo's inaugural build, as featured on Pipeburn, Bike Exif, Dime City Cycles, and the cover bike of Cafe Racer Magazine's summer 2017 issue.

    We've had a blast building and ripping around on this bike, but it's time to move on to other projects, so we're letting it go. It's been pretty comprehensively gone over during the build process, and you'd be hard pressed to find an area of this bike left untouched. It's a solid runner and it'll get going on the first kick every time.

    Most of what's been done is visible in the photos, but here's a decently comprehensive list aside from the obvious stuff:

    - New clutch
    - Recent valve adjustment
    - Refurbed carbs, 145 main jet, 45 pilot
    - Tapered pod filters
    - Custom 16 gauge stainless 2-1 exhaust, made in house
    - Ballistic 8 cell battery
    - Replaced front and rear brake shoes and springs
    - Stainless starter button, relocated under tank
    - Progressive series 12 rear shocks, 13", medium rate
    - Custom fork brace, made in house
    - DCC clip-on handlebars
    - DCC vintage style rear sets with custom linkages
    - 2.5" mini speedo w/ LED indicators
    - 6" DCC headlight
    - Biltwell grips w/ anti-vibration bar-ends
    - Relocated electronics tray, under seat for ease of access
    - All new cables & levers/brackets (brake, clutch, etc.)
    - New front & rear sprocket - New steering stem bearing

    - Early style tank and side covers
    - Custom tail section blended to frame
    - Custom paint in Yamaha speed block pattern
    - Custom seat pan upholstered by New Church Moto
    - Chain side vertical plate mount

    Price is $4800 obo, bike is located in Allentown, PA.
    Email realmotoco@gmail.com if you're interested in a fun little ripper!

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  2. spectra

    spectra XS400 Junkie

    Sweet little custom and not a bad price GLWS !

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