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Rectifier/regulator wiring nightmare

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Billisadams, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Billisadams

    Billisadams 1976 xs360c

    Hello everyone! I’m pleased to announce my new to the forum, and I’ve been reading pretty intensely on here for the last three days. I have just received a 1976 xs360 and while it runs and drives, the issue is I am not getting a charge. I have previously already removed and inspected that stator and coil and all the wiring is in tact. Yet once the stator was removed and wires were traced I found that the two inner coil wires (green from inner coil and I believe black) are not connected to anything. The four white wires from the outer coil are till in tact with no rip and resistance checks out. my question is, where do these two stator wires go? Someone has done a horrid job wiring this thing. Also I picked up a r 292 rectifier, I have been trying desperately to figure out the wiring on that. The old rectifier is still there with the three white wires in tact, the voltage regulator is GONE. So if anyone can help me with wire colors that would truly be a game changer.

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  2. BBS360

    BBS360 XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    Those should connect to the wiring harness and then to the regulator.
    The r292 is a regulator.
    I don't have the link handy but there's a forum thread that documents the wiring for the regulator. I remember there is a plug available for the 292 that makes wiring it easier.
  3. Billisadams

    Billisadams 1976 xs360c

    Excellent! Thanks for that bit of help, I did more digging and have the rectifier wired properly, the r292 I have hard wired per an old thread. I’m hoping my understanding was correct.
    From the inner coil-connected black wire to ground, green wire to green on the r292.
    The r292-fused the yellow and orange wires, hooked then connected to switched hot. Black wire to ground.

    If any of this is just DEAD WRONG let me know. I’m allowing my battery to charge atm.

    Thanks again!
  4. BBS360

    BBS360 XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    I haven't wired a r292 myself. Would be referring to the same material you are.
    Hope it's working out.
  5. NewHavenMike

    NewHavenMike 1976 XS360C Top Contributor

    Wiring the R292 goes as follows:
    Black to black
    Green to green

    Yellow and orange wire are tied together and that will give you the 3 wire connection for the factory connection.

    I have the R292 it works great.
  6. Billisadams

    Billisadams 1976 xs360c

    Well the factory voltage regulator plug is gone. @NewHavenMike. Know where those wires from the factory plug lead directly to, I should have this solved thanks bubz
  7. Billisadams

    Billisadams 1976 xs360c

    If you know where they lead/the colors
  8. Billisadams

    Billisadams 1976 xs360c

    So does the black go to black or do the both eventually lead to ground? And yes the inner and outer coils are in good shape. Thanks

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  9. Billisadams

    Billisadams 1976 xs360c

    Update: with the setup above I was getting no magnetism at stator. When grounding both the r292 and the black wire from the inner coil I could do the razor blade trick on the stator cover. When running though I only was getting 12.60 volts at idle and 12.95 at a 4K rev. Clearly not the 14.5 I’m going for. Also learned my regulator need to be on a switched hot circuit battery was dead pretty quick. :laugh:I am quickly suspecting the rectifier is bad and not properly converting the ac current made in the stator. Tell me what you think guys, and as always thanks. I’m ready to get this wiring done, fix the harness proper. Strip this whole bike down and paint. Just have to overcome this hurdle boys!:cheers:
  10. dannyTheBoat

    dannyTheBoat XS400 Enthusiast

    Hey man, I'm new to The XS game myself, but I'm an engineer and I have fair amount of experience with electric motors and power supply systems. I hope I can help you out with some electric motor and power supply stuff:

    The stator has an electromagnet that needs current to create a magnetic field. This magnetic field is what creates the AC power as the alternator spins. The coil in there is called the field winding. For it to work it needs a ground and some sort of 12-14V voltage source. That can be your regulator or battery. The field winding has a spec'd resistance. On my '82 it's 4 ohms. You can always check that with a multimeter to troubleshoot.

    For the rectifier/regulator, I'm not 100% sure on all the wires but I believe the green and black should be ground. There are probably 2 V+ leads. One is a common 12V rail with the battery and I believe the other is the rectifier/regulator output as it converts the alternators AC power to 12-14V DC. I'm believe the 2 V+ are tied together through the killswitch or a fuse. This allows either the battery or the rectifier/regulator to supply positive voltage to the whole system. The last 3 wires are the 3 phase AC lines from the alternator. The regulator will not necessarily put out 14 volts. There are 2 things that can drag the voltage down. It will tend to follow the battery voltage, so if the battery is undercharged it will sink power and the voltage will drop. Also, if there is a big ground fault in your system the regulator voltage will drop as current flows to ground.

    I have a simplified wiring diagram for an xs650 that works for me. I have posted it on a wiring diagram thread before and I have made mark-ups recently. If I remember later I will post it here later. I don't have it at my fingertips now.
  11. Billisadams

    Billisadams 1976 xs360c

    Thanks for the reply! The field coil is at the proper reading, the wiring I’ve done is creating an electric field. The only holdup I’ve had is the fact I don’t have the original regulator plug to feed into. Someone stripped out all the wiring on this thing and figuring this out has been tough.

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