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Sourcing a replacement a front brake line

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Bob, Aug 20, 2022.

  1. Bob

    Bob XS400 Member

    I have a 1983 Yamaha Maxim 400 (aka XS400F) with only 2,300 miles on it. Apparently the front brake line has collapsed (from within... don't ask) and it needs to be replaced. From Master Cylinder to front caliper it's a 42" line. I'm on the East Coast (Maryland)... whose a good source? I've tried 3 w/ no luck. Thanks, Bob.
  2. Martin Tang

    Martin Tang XS400 Member

    Hey there! My brake hose was cracked and I couldn't find any hoses that were in great shape so I ended up getting a braided brake line made.
  3. Bob

    Bob XS400 Member

    Thanks, that may well be the way to go. Only concern was getting an exact fit with all the little fittings... the rubber grommets and things.
  4. Bob

    Bob XS400 Member

    Martin... I tried to reply yesterday but was unable to do so. That said I thought your reply included a source for having one made... now I don't see it? "Just my imagination...?"
  5. Martin Tang

    Martin Tang XS400 Member

    Oh! No, not your imagination, didn't add a link cause my source is in Canada, I'm sure there's US companies that do the same. Sorry about that!

    Here's the link if you're interested:

    For the fittings, I used a 20 degree 3/8 (10mm) Banjo for both sides, and a single rubber grommet that clips onto the front fender. My length was 88cm (35in) as I got rid of the brake junction and routed it slightly differently. If you wanted to follow the exact routing, and/or use the junction, you'd need 2 lines and I'm not sure the length.

    Attached is a screenshot of what mine ended up looking like. Hope that helps!

    Attached Files:

  6. Bob

    Bob XS400 Member

    Ok, great! It might have been a pop up ad that dropped into my screen. It was a shop in Maryland, DC suburbs that does break lines. But geography isn't so critical in this day and age. Thanks for the additional details. Mine is a single caliper, single rotor construct so only one 42" line. Thanks again!
  7. Bob

    Bob XS400 Member

    G'day Martin! I thought I'd share the reply I received in this mornings email... this from an outfit that boasted re it's ability to fit brake lines to just about anything never mind any kind of Yamaha. Here it is... kind of amazing, enjoy.

    Thanks for reaching out.
    Unfortunately, we do not have these lines sourced out by motorcycle.
    We recommend gathering the measurements from your existing lines and applicable fittings to ensure the correct setup.
    These may have been changed from the originals.

    Depending on the angle of your fittings, this will affect the overall length of the brake line you would need to purchase.

    Brake Line
    Brake Line Fittings
    Let us know if we can further assist.
    Thank you for your inquiry,
    Dime City Cycles
    Customer Service Team
  8. MoonClipper

    MoonClipper XS400 Enthusiast

    I've heard of others having luck making their own brake line. I recall there being a owner here that made his from Summit Racing, just bought the line cut to length and bought the fittings there as well.
  9. Bob

    Bob XS400 Member

    Thanks MoonClipper. It's scary enough that I rebuild my brake calipers and such, never mind fooling w/ the brake lines... that might be carrying things
    just a tad too far! :laugh::wink2::bike:
    Martin Tang likes this.
  10. Kitchi

    Kitchi XS400 Enthusiast

    When i replaced mine i took it to a local hydraulic shop that made hoses and they made me one.
  11. Bob

    Bob XS400 Member

    Thanks, I thought about that and in fact several shops will supply the parts but won't assemble them. However there is a shop in Pennsylvania that supplies only oem replacement parts for Yamaha so, for $85 it arrives any day. I'll post their info next time around.... don't have it handy.
  12. MoonClipper

    MoonClipper XS400 Enthusiast

    I'd love to see some pics of the lines when you get them in too before you throw them on. If they're quality, I may order some for myself.
  13. Bob

    Bob XS400 Member

    Ok, I dropped my chores to dig this up for everyone... first off, be clear, mine is a single brake caliper/rotor with only one brake line... I keep seeing references to multiple lines and that's a different bike. My other bikes (Honda's/BMW) have 2 of everything... or so it seems. Here's my part source for OEM Yamaha:
    BLOOMSBURG, PA. 17815

    I've been using a gal by the name of Cindy... she's very good. I'm guessing that they're a tiny shop because they have crazy hours ie they're closed on Wednesday! C'mon man! :)

    Good luck and thanks for the interes,

  14. MoonClipper

    MoonClipper XS400 Enthusiast

    Habit on my part saying lines, plural :p My bike is also a single caliper with a single brake line.
    Bob likes this.

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