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Starting my project

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by nitrofish1, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. At the suggestion of Daddio, going big, were thinking that a tracker may be in the future. But am I correct in saying my first step is a complete teardown and cleaning? I can take all the parts to work for sandblasting or grinding and paint them again. If yes, then I start tomorrow. But if I did a good build with this bike I don't want it to be rusty :/
  2. pic from a week ago. there is some visible rust, all rust that id like to clean from the frame and everything else. taking off the tires this weekend. i estimated a few months of work cleaning up all the parts, putting it all back together shouldnt take more than two days, then start subbing in new parts, or just plan on new parts and not clean those to save some time.

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  3. Daddio

    Daddio XS400 Addict

    Did you get my PM?
    Also if a tracker is in the future it is time to start slowly looking for deals on headlights number plate, bars and maybe a tail section.

    Have you 'glassed before?
  4. i got your pm, but it was blank? just had the quotes in it :/

    i was lookin online for a set of headlights, may have to cruise ebay some more, also was looking around at some smaller turn signals.

    i heard that superbike bars are the way to go, little bit of forward lean but still upright.

    im thinking maybe some dirtbike pegs, the metal ones with the spikes? for some reason they popped into my head.

    just need to know if i should start a full disassembly to clean all the hardware/frame/engine, all of it without rust on it would be :thumbsup:

    i have not done fiberglass before, but i have alot of composites experience. i work mostly with carbon fiber but fiberglass shouldnt be an issue.

    check your sent pm tho, mine was blank.
  5. Daddio

    Daddio XS400 Addict

    I found out you are only allowed 5000 characters in a PM and I wrote a book then I didn't notice the banned that said I was an idiot. Just shot you an abridged version of what my thoughts were this morning.
    I have always wanted to build a FT with a number plate that held most of the electronics in the front number plate. it would be normal size with a small rectangular head light and a expanded metal inset to keep electronics cool and a rear box attached to hold the necessary electronics. it would really clean up the bike. IF you want the full tracker look with the one piece sides and tail it isn't necessary as there is ample room under that. You are on the right page with pegs and I would go with vintage MX bars to sell the FT look.
    Making stuff out of CF would be crazy!!!
  6. would those bars be comfortable on a long ride? i just thought of the MX pegs because they would be lighter. i didnt get your pm this morning, just one last night and recently but that one was the blank one. but i would like to route the battery and electronics somewhere else, to have the open air filter look.

    if i can make the look happen without altering the frame, thatd be great. try sending me that message again, id like some more input from you. (need more guidance :))

    id only have equipment to do some not so good curing on carbon fiber, not to mention its crazy expensive and id have to make foam molds for every part id make. fiberglass painted black would do, or if i could fabricate a new battery box or electrics holder from sheet metal, even better.
  7. not sure on the tracker route? id like to do the pegs and bars, new air filters and move the battery box, new headlight and turn signals, but id never get it to the quality of drewpy's :(

    maybe original is the way to go then for touring?
  8. I don't always modify my bikes for looks. I modify them on need and use. Higher pegs for more clearance because I like hard corners. Lower front clip ons because I want a forward aggressive riding position rather than sitting up right. Raised tank because id like more tank for my leg to hook on when dragging. Under tail exhaust because it clears the sides and in return gives more clearance. Longer rear shocks for even more clearance and twitcher steering. Inverted forks because they don't flex as much as standard telescopic forks. Lower seat for lower center of gravity affecting handling. I build bikes around my needs and then pretty them up later.

    Posted via Mobile
  9. i think my first plan of attack is getting the bike cleaned up. i need to take it in to get the forks looked at, i think they are slightly bent. after i get this done, ill be tearing it down to clean all of it up, then rebuilding it with some new features to make it better for touring, which is my use for the bike. probably new headlight, turn signals, seat, pegs, making the ride more comfortable. im not going to be able to give it the super paint job or chop the frame, but yes im trying to improve it for my use.

    me and my dad got into a little argument about this same thing. he said make it safe to ride, then take it to get the forks looked at, then i can pretty it up later if i decide to. but i was trying to tell him, i can make it safe AND pretty it up, at the same time. and now is the time to get it cleaned up rather than the middle of next summer during riding season.
  10. Went to the shop this morning, stared at the bike for a long time. Was hitting a mental roadblock of sorts. I don't think the front forks are bent, more like they are not lined up correctly. I was just trying to think about mounting the rear plate and plate light under the brake light, may have to fab my own part for that. Was also thinking of removing that rear bar that goes around the outer edge of the seat, but it is attached to the rear shocks, not sure if that would affect them as they would still be attached to the frame. I also envisioned removing the tachometer, and the center light post, as none of the lights on that work, my tach works just fine but im thinking just a speedo? Need to start looking for a new headlight, and I'll prolly mount the new turn signals on the stalks of the old ones, at least in the rear. Also would like to get exhaust extensions to flare them out to the side, so the straight exhaust does not just end where the muffler began.

    So you could say I have a small vision for the bike, but nothing too crazy. Tank will stay stock, and so will the frame.

    My roadblock was that I cannot start removing and cleaning up all the items on the bike until I reassemble with some newer parts in order to take it in to get the front aligned. Then I'd like to go straight exhaust, jet the carbs, and put on pod filters. I can then begin to clean up the frame, the engine, and every little part on it, while adding the new signals and headlight, new pegs, possibly a new seat too. But as far as making it too far off from the original, is really adding some aftermarket parts, and getting the bike restored. However, I'm still going to get some new bars and pegs.

    My father suggested I just put the new parts on it that I need to make it rideable, then ride it next summer to see if I really want to put in the work on cleaning it up, but I'm not sure I want to have to be cleaning it up next summer when the riding gets good. I can still have the bike with the pods, jets and exhaust on it, but it would be still rusted over, yet rideable. I just don't want to get caught in the middle trying to clean it up when I could be riding it.
  11. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    looks a good plan, but dont be too fixed on it, I changed my brakes at the last min and added a clutch window. Just wanted to de-badge it so it piques peoples interest.

    Have a ganders on my tracker project which is now finished. Link in my sig!
  12. I saw yours. Mines going to be like, half-tracker lol. Not really changing too much on it.
  13. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    here's your half tracker :D

  14. thats classy drewpy. see mine wont have the same fancy paint job, more like tracker aftermarket parts. but im happy with that, and its a touring bike lol. i did get a good laugh out of your artwork though
  15. To answer your question about the grab rail, you can remove it no problem its attached at the shocks and just before the rear signals. Its attached to the shocks via a rounded nut and a 2 sided threaded bolt. If you remove it you'll probably need to cut the bolt down so that its not sticking out.

    Posted via Mobile
  16. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    just remove it in photoshop, don't even get your hands dirty :thumbsup:
  17. sighs heavily.......

    i get it drewpy, but i cant make the bike into a masterpiece right now, i dont have the money for it.

    im gonna get some new parts on it, and get it riding for now. full restoration is up in the air, pretty sure im gonna make it loud though.
  18. bcware

    bcware Well-read Top Contributor

    If you actually have a winter where you are I'd dismantle the entire bike and clean/inspect everything. Aside from cleaning supplies and a wire wheel attachment for a power drill you probably won't need to buy much. I rattle can painted everything for example and it still looks worlds better than the badly chipped original frame and tank.

    If you keep an eye out on these forums you'll also find great deals. Sometimes people aren't interested in making much money; they just want to help people out with parts.
  19. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    yea, get down and dirty as Bc says, each area can be tackled modular so its not too daunting, if the engine runs ok, leave it and tittivate it up.

    concentrate on the cycle parts, look at other bikes and see what can fit, scour ebay etc etc.
  20. the winter here im told last about 3 weeks. but i can stay at work after hours to use the air compressor or sandblaster. i was going to grind off the spots on the frame, wrap up the electrical wiring in plastic or something then shoot it with spray paint as well.

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