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Starting my project

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by nitrofish1, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. alright, status update....

    ordering new chain and sprockets, got some new tires on there, carbs are A-OK, new fork oil.

    im almost thinking of putting on a set of drag bars for cruising around town and then keeping the old bars around to mount on for long trips. i have an idea for mounting the battery box in another location. still going to get it cleaned up and mod the exhaust and intake. need to order my evapo-rust and get goin on it. i keep telling myself its not that much but i know it will be.
  2. im thinking of a cafe racer? and just putting on the old bars for long trips or get enough saddle time to just go it with the cafe bars.
  3. i saw a pic online of a guy who painted his xs400 frame red when he did his cafe racer, and i was like, what if mine were neon green :thumbsup:
  4. i know a guy, who knows me... and he can sodablast my engine for 30 bucks or so, or i could attack it with sandpaper and elbow grease. im thinking the blasting would be the way to go.
  5. My frame is going to be red aswell with mate black for tank and engine as well as some other parts like wheels.

    I would go with soda blasting for that price I stripped mine right down and blasted it myself. Soda would be safe. I have an engine I got off a guy (xs500) that he blasted with glass without taking it apart. Now I don't even want to turn it over cause I'm sure he didn't mask it well so glass will be everywhere.
  6. i figured if im gonna be grinding off parts of the paint when finishing up the frame, and i gotta repaint it, might as well do her up.

    i was pondering the footpeg change, would keeping the original footpegs reduce vibrations on long rides because they have rubber on them? or is there enough vibration on the bike in total that a solid metal footpeg wouldnt put a dent in the overall picture of vibration?
  7. ok, so moving along. got my running parts in today (everything the bike needed), and i just ordered a new horn, a set of drag bars, didnt think the clubmans wouldnt be very good for touring, and a new set of turn signals to reduce the weight, and up the look, of the old ones. going to take off the rear fender, keep the original seat, its still in good shape, take off the rear grab bar, try to remove the battery box, although i think its staying where it is, i dont have many options of places to move it, the next best place to move it was only a few inches away, and it would still be seen with the pods.

    also picked up all of my grinding supplies and its now time to get started on the cleaning.

    id like to call this bake my meals on wheels, aka, a touring cafe. :thumbsup:
  8. bcware

    bcware Well-read Top Contributor

    Foot comfort is largely going to be determined by footwear, but yes, the large rubber pegs reduce vibrations quite a bit. If you wear proper boots with a thick sole you will likely be fine. If you wear sneakers or something else like that you may find the vibrations to be uncomfortable. You'll have to make a compromise if you want a sport-touring bike.
  9. im always wearing boots. i guess ill see if i can pick up a set of them for cheap
  10. bcware

    bcware Well-read Top Contributor

    I bought some solid chinese foot pegs. I will be sure to document to experience when they finally arrive! They were only 10 bucks, but take weeks to arrive.
  11. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    wasn't an issue on the tracker and they are alloy pegs! I do tend to rest the front of my feet on them when I know I won't be changing for a while!
  12. whered u pick those up at bc? i dont mind waiting, and id like to save some money, because the cheapest ive found on ebay are around 15-20 bucks. i guess i havent really paid much attention to footpeg vibrations, usually my rear starts to ache first then everything else is cancelled out i guess.

    going to drain the engine oil and have it soda blasted, refill the oil and putting in a new filter before our 3 week winter and then cleaning the frame and its going back on. im pretty sure thisll be doable in about two weeks when i have to take the engine north for the cleaning.

    other than the parts i ordered, not really doin too much to the bike, just making it sportier for touring i guess. not goin full cafe, maybe sometime in the future if i pick up another one of these bikes ill go full cafe on this bike. very happy with the route im going for now.
  13. little update. got my new turn signals in, not so mini if you ask me, pretty much same size, but theyll be lighter and cooler, also got my drag bar, pretty much replacing every cable except the tach. putting new sprocket and chain set on as well. doing some minor rust cleanup and then its winter riding time. im happy with the little mods ive done, nothing too major. theres alot to be done on the bike that would require a complete rebuild, and i really dont have the facilities for it yet. but once funds permit, a cafe build we-a-go. but for now, hate to say it, but im glad to say it at the same time, i just wanna ride it. just wanna pass through town wailing on the throttle :bike:

    hoping in the near future to pick up another one of these little buggers to hand to a friend to make a bobber out of it for me. but not handing down a bike for a build if i dont have one to ride in the meantime. doing up the exhaust in march when i ride the bike north, know a guy who jets carbs for a living. made ti my goal to ride the bike 7 hours north for spring break, and hopefully once more for the summer as i have summer classes, so ill have to find some in between time.

    but believe me, i would have loved to go all out build on this bike, but right now i dont think i can afford it, and its bugging me that some days i cant just go to it and ride it. but this being my first bike, im hanging on to it for a while, doubt ill ever sell it either, if anything ill tarp it and my kids will ride it someday.

    happy riding, ill still be on regularly sharing my joy for this bike, loved it since the first ride home.
  14. may be hookin up with hardtailed77 and volcomskater next summer for an xs400 ride, sounds like fun. should be just a few weeks before i hit the road, putting in new turn signals and fixin the headlight this friday that i have off. then itll be about a day with installing the new parts and im off!

    happy riding :bike:
  15. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    some vids and drunken posturing would make a great read from that meet!! :D
  16. hate to disappoint that im not going through with a build on the bike quite yet, but i will one of these days, im just itching to ride it at this point.
  17. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    I'm thinking I need to go to bed, I'm knackered
  18. Sheniqua is in the process of being reassembled, started for a few hours this morning.
  19. i got the drag bars on there, and i love the stance of them. just enough forward lean but not too much. thinkin ill be nabbin a picture today of her. gonna clean up the forks and get them ready for reinstall.

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