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Streetfighter build in progress - pics

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by gentlemanjim, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. gentlemanjim

    gentlemanjim More Wrenchin than Ridin

    Well friends it is nearly show time.

    I finanly got my logo decals today and gave the tank its final clear coat - See below.

    Going riding tomorrow, the weather is beautiful clear skys, light breeze and temp in the low 80's - Yipee!

  2. DCopp

    DCopp 400 Maxim/Seca Guru

    slick! I like.
  3. Sweet!! I can't wait to see a pic of it on the bike! Also, a video would be awesome! Great work, congrats!!!!!!!
  4. gentlemanjim

    gentlemanjim More Wrenchin than Ridin

    Thanks my friends. Video that would take a little learning curve. How do I do the Ytube thing? I'll hve to borrow a video camera.
  5. Couldn't help ya on that one....haha I've never posted on youtube. I'm sure someone will chime in here soon though that can help you out.
  6. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    nice paint job jim.

    for you tube, save the vid file on your PC log in to you tube account and click on the upload button. while its doing it, just complete the tags so potential searchers can find the video!
  7. gentlemanjim

    gentlemanjim More Wrenchin than Ridin

    As Gloria Estefen sings "From out of the darkness and into the light". Finito. Rode 60 exciting miles today. Riding impressions: quick, snappy, nimble - awsome. This is my 29th bike and I may have said this before, but its the best and most fun I have ever had on two wheels. My XSRoadster was a very close second. It's short geared I'm in 6th before I know it so I'm going to put a smaller rear sprocket when I replace the chain. Revs to red line like Jack Flash, stock pipes are modestly loud, but the intake roar is like a drug infusion. Took it out on the interstate as I reached an inclined overpass I hit 85 mph and she was still accelerating. The only thing that caused me to slow down was the wind on my chest, Need a flyscreen for that type of riding.

    Enough bullshit here she is.


    At the Beach - 83 F here today

  8. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    Nice one Jim, looking great!

    Is the tank holding together?
  9. Absolutely stunning!!!!!!
  10. DCopp

    DCopp 400 Maxim/Seca Guru

    hate the tail light, but otherwise, she's sweet. Need close up pics of your battery tray please.
  11. Ringo

    Ringo bznchris

    Lookin sharp, Jim. :)
  12. gentlemanjim

    gentlemanjim More Wrenchin than Ridin

    With all the work and time in the fuel tank it should be able to be used as a nose cone on the space shuttle. Taillight is the stock factory one just mounted on the rear cowl and not on the fender. I tried extremely hard to do this build on the cheap without putting more money into it than absolutley necessary. Usually when I get done I spend about twice what the bikes worth.

    Battery tray is just an xs400 or so the guy on EBay said. Its not the correct one, just a plastic tray from a different model bolted to the rear inner fender andt he front to the fram.e no magic there, I just hacked it and jammed it in there - works.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2011
  13. cturek

    cturek XS400 Addict

    Very nice Jim. The tank looks real good
  14. Hi Jim,

    Very nice job you did there. What a bit of paint can do. Love your practical no nonsense approach and the rebadging of course. Actions speak louder than words:D

    Kind regards,

  15. mikeybikey82

    mikeybikey82 XS400 Enthusiast

    very nice job man, that color scheme looks so bad ass! nicely done man.
  16. gentlemanjim

    gentlemanjim More Wrenchin than Ridin

    Thanks all. It was a labor of love and the 100 plus miles I've ridden so far have been pure glorious. I'm planning a 200 mile round trip to Orlando soon once I change the sprockets (16:32) from 16:38, add a flyscreen and change the oil and filter again. Yipee:bike:
  17. Hi Jim,

    I you do not find a smaller rear sprocket, you could also fit a 17 teeth front sprocket. These are available. A bigger front sprocket also makes your chain run a bit smoother with less power loss.

    Kind regards,

  18. gentlemanjim

    gentlemanjim More Wrenchin than Ridin


    Yes I know 17:35T is a stock available about the same ratio as the 16:32, 17:34T Rebel gears can make me either set up. I am hoping to go to a 520 chain save some more weight.
  19. Travis

    Travis Staff Member Staff Member

    That's one hell of a transformation.. Great job!
  20. logan

    logan XS400 Enthusiast

    Looks really sharp, nice job!

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