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For Sale - XS 400 D For Sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Dan, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. Dan

    Dan XS400 Enthusiast

    Hi all,

    I have sadly decided to sell my XS 400.

    Registered 1980 400D MOT Aug 2020.

    Reasons being I do not have time to enjoy it and will be moving in few months time. And I am also told that two bikes is one too many...I thought two was not enough!

    It's had a long list of bits done to it, I'm, sure more stuff too, but below is a start.....

    Frame, swing arm wheels painted. Powder coated.

    Tank and cowl panted. Professionally sprayed.

    Wheels have 2 x new metal are tyres, all new bearings etc.

    New head race

    Led indicators and rear lights,

    Conversion to kick start only

    Braided brake lines, new pads

    Engine cleaned and new oil, filter, bolt kit

    Raask rear sets

    New fork seals

    Adjustable bars

    New coils, leads, plug caps, plugs and condenser.

    Carbs pro cleaned.

    Re jetted with through exhaust with baffle in.

    Daytona digital speedo with turn and warning lights.

    Runs and plus well through all gears. Stops and goes well.

    New fluids & cables.

    Personally it may benefit from some fine fettling, tuning to dial it in 100%. Just my opinion may be fine.

    If seriously interested please message me for more info.

    Regards, Dan.

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