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Make Offer - XS850 Triple Parts

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by markjs, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. markjs

    markjs XS400 owner, bike lover

    I can't get membership on the Yamaha Triples board so I thought I'd try this here. Still haven't sorted much, but picked a bunch of stuff up at a local junkyard. Will prolly be making a bike, but have two spare engines (one runs we think), lots of spare exhausts, some racks and fairings. If you think of anything you could maybe use, LMK and I'll see if I have it.

    20181027_093022.jpg 20181027_093027.jpg 20181027_093032.jpg 20181027_093105.jpg

    almost done....
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
  2. spectra

    spectra XS400 Junkie Top Contributor

    Yeah not sure what the deal is with the triples forum........I tried but no bueno.........love the triples but like I need another project :laughing:

    I actually just sold one this summer it was yard art..........so rusted but the tank was perfect inside and out.
  3. markjs

    markjs XS400 owner, bike lover

    AFAIK the rims should fit an XS400, they look like stock Yamaha Tubless mags and I believe are 16":/18" and I have several. I may even have some useable tires, though I wouldn't trust the rubber long term. I've used old tires that look good in a pinch though. Will buy a few months of around town riding till you can afford new rubber. Of course I been riding since I was 6 and have a betterfeel for it than most, still I think the rubbeer looks unused on these.
  4. markjs

    markjs XS400 owner, bike lover


    We approach the final destination with aplomb.....

    Pictires or it din't happen eh? Kinada late for that, but I got flash.....

    Asking price needs to go on.... This ias a restorer/s salvagers dream! I list after the plethera of cash in my field of view....

    $1.500, for a rideable screamer! bags and cowling all there, kikere works, runs through the gear$!

    The parts tho....

    With bike....

    I'm thinkin' about 20k or best offer takes the lot of the 85o remains, which include two, contem two, barely disassembled parts blocks! mystery meat!.....

    Naw, realistically this is a 15oo-15,000, OBO proposition.... Pics to follow soon....
  5. markjs

    markjs XS400 owner, bike lover

    Awaiting the blueteeth as it were.....

    Or wishing I could find a bunch of pics on a phone, tak e your pick! MOrning,, or not, IDK at this point, but the pics exist, and I'd have to say I am a man with some little cred around here... ?
  6. markjs

    markjs XS400 owner, bike lover

    Soon to be duped on XS11.com... stay tuned!

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