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Yamaha XS400 Rubber Parts - Sumo Rubber

Discussion in 'Shops' started by Jackie O, Nov 23, 2020.

  1. Jackie O

    Jackie O XS400 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to let you know about our small online shop Sumorubber.com that specialises in rubber parts for Japanese motorcycles. Though we have been trading for few years now, not many people know about our existence.
    Few facts about us:
    - We founded our business in 2017 and operate from Glasgow in Scotland
    - We keep large variety of perishable parts (dampers, grommets, footrests, gaskets, seals) in stock for various classic Yamaha bikes including XS400
    - We ship orders next working day to destinations worldwide (unfortunately excluding UK - more info at FAQ)
    - We aim to provide excellent customer service, making sure all products are checked for quality before dispatch and making your project easier by labelling them all individually
    - We automatically collect reviews from all our customers and have fantastic feedback on Trustpilot
    - We add new part ranges on regular basis - if you can't find the part you need, let us know!

    We don't aim to supply all XS400 parts, but if you want your bike to feel less like a bag of spanners, replacing rubber parts is a great start!

    Just to let you know, we have recently received fresh batch of XS400 fuel tank dampers 1L9-24182-00 & 1L9-24181-00. They will be added to our stock in couple of days :)

    Looking forward to your feedback!

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  2. Jackie O

    Jackie O XS400 New Member

  3. bamboozle

    bamboozle XS400 Member

    Hello Jackie; Can I ask? Do you happen to know about carb to head rubbers for an xs250 se? I've seen some xs650 rubbers that were made in Japan. Has anyone found rubbers for other xs twins that are as good as the original parts. Or on the other hand is it something the company you are working with could produce.
    Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated

  4. Jackie O

    Jackie O XS400 New Member

    Hello Ted,
    So far no one has asked for these manifolds. Do you mean the 1M0-23586-00 & 1M0-23596-00? We would need to do some digging into it to see if there are any of these manifolds on the market to use as samples. Unfortunately we have suspended remanufacturing of new parts for the next few months as we have already commissioned lots of parts and there has been massive delays in the process due to Covid. As such we don't want to add to the backlog. We can certainly keep these on our to-do-list and update the group if there is any progress.
  5. bamboozle

    bamboozle XS400 Member

    I appreciate your prompt reply Yes the part numbers you've quoted are the items I'm looking for.
    I bought some from an auction site that were unbranded. The measurements were a mile out.
    Thanks again, the search continues.
  6. Jackie O

    Jackie O XS400 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    AJust a quick update for all of you in Europe:

    UNITED KINGDOM based customers can now buy from us direct. We cut our ties with the main supplier and can sell everything and anything to everyone. While we find alternative suppliers for some items, they might go out of stock. Please use the notification feature on our website, and you will receive an email once the particular part is available again!

    EU CUSTOMER can now benefit from integrated IOSS shop, which means they pay their EU VAT at checkout and there won't be any further handling fees or charges at delivery. Please note, this is only for smaller orders under £130. Larger orders will have to clear customs at the delivery.

    Free Delivery is now on all parcels over £100 or equivalent.

    Despite all issues with Brexit and while asking every single customer, we are still keeping a fantastic score of 4.8 on Trustpilot. So let me know if we can help you with any rubber parts for your Yamaha!

    Many thanks


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