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Yeap got a new project

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by NewHavenMike, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. NewHavenMike

    NewHavenMike 1976 XS360C Top Contributor

    I put a bid in for this thinking i would be outbid fast. Sort of changed my mind about wanting the thing because it looked a bit rough and i already have 4 other bike projects...

    Woke up and sure enough i won the auction..

    Attached Files:

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  2. spectra

    spectra XS400 Junkie Top Contributor

    Oooohhhhhh a RD.................what did you have to pay if you dont mind saying...........I have been looking for a while for one.

    Found out a few weeks ago a guy I have been working with for years has a 400 and a Daytona sitting in his garage..........
  3. NewHavenMike

    NewHavenMike 1976 XS360C Top Contributor

    This one is a 250cc and I ended up paying just over $1/cc...

    I do know that I am not cutting it up. It will stay as it is. However, I do plan on going a bit wild with the engine.

    I plan on doing an engine rebuild and putting some big chambers on it and swapping 350cc cylinders. I want to keep the appearance to stock and give it a sleeper appeal.

    The wheels are rough as is all of the chrome. The gauge panel is shot. Looks like it may may been dumped or something fell on it. I guess it was hibernating in an old barn since it was last registered in 1985.

    Engine turns over freely, still has oil mix in the reservoir, still rolls too. Still has battery lol.

    Like I said, it is VERY rough so Im going to work with what I have and try to get it in decent shape. Im leaning toward powder coating the frame..
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  4. spectra

    spectra XS400 Junkie Top Contributor

    Would like to see how this turns out...............been looking at RDs as I love the 2 stroke stuff.........now I am on the hunt for a 350..........have seen a few but not wanting to pay top dollar for one.......
  5. xschris

    xschris a lifestyle not a trend Top Contributor

    Usually the cheap ones need lots of money to be a good bike or lack paper work. I would rather find a good $1000-$2000 bike that only needs a few things to be right. But be able to ride it right away. I don't think I could deal with another basket case bike.
  6. NewHavenMike

    NewHavenMike 1976 XS360C Top Contributor

    Im looking at an easy $2000 for my planned engine work. The thing is, around here, it seems that you either find a bike that needs a alot of work for under $500, or you find a bike that has been restored/original or completely chopped or cafed for $4000+

    Im never buying a bike that has been cafed by someone else. Every one Ive seen for sale looks like garbage, and the good ones are priced high enough to where Id rather just buy a used XSR700 or a 900.
  7. xschris

    xschris a lifestyle not a trend Top Contributor

    I would never buy a cut up bike that I would be putting on the road. I'm not a fan of vintage bikes getting that done to them anyhow. The only ones I would like to have/see are the ones that where made for the track and raced. Those are/where done to a high degree of work and had to meet strict guidelines in order to be there. I see too many on craigs list that look as if driving down the driveway could be a dance with death. :laugh2:
  8. NewHavenMike

    NewHavenMike 1976 XS360C Top Contributor

    Started gathering parts..

    I guess the handlebars that are on the bike are K&N bars.. Found a new K&N bar on EBay. Its sort of a low rise "superbike" bar. Cant really see in the pic but the ones on there now are rusted to crap. The gauge holder was also cracked on the speedo side as its a cast aluminum piece. Found a used one and picked that up.

    Found a set of 350 heads. I may splurge a new set of jugs and pistons. Theres a company that buys new repro kits and replaces the sleeves with quality ones and then match the pistons. The kit is around $900, but its all good to go and needs nothing so I think its a fair price.

    After I get the top end sorted, Im debating on buying a new crank and bearings before finally having the engine painted and sealed.

    May pick up a bigger set of carbs and definitely chambers. Then its on to cleaning up the rest. Paint will stay as it is, seat will be recovered. Pretty sure I can still find good fork tubes.

    Im a bit lost on what to do with the wheels. Chrome is rough and spokes are rusted. I may try some oxalic acid here. I dont mind the chrome not being perfect. Hell, I may just leave them alone. Most of the work is going into the engine and getting it to a road worthy condition.
  9. xschris

    xschris a lifestyle not a trend Top Contributor

    If your going to put that much into a top end you really should at least rebuild the bottom end.
  10. NewHavenMike

    NewHavenMike 1976 XS360C Top Contributor

    Well one of the 350 heads I recieved today has a crossthreaded spark plug hole... very angry. They are the good heads too.
  11. NewHavenMike

    NewHavenMike 1976 XS360C Top Contributor

    Still gathering parts...

    I ended up getting another set of 350 heads in good shape. I also just picked up 350 jugs to go with it all. I got lucky and found a set of matching keys on EBay and they came with a cool old Yamaha key ring. Its too bad that the main ignition lock on the bike is destroyed. But now I have a key for the gas tank so I wont need to have it rekeyed. Im keeping my eye out for a matching ignition, but will settle for any.

    This "rebuild" coincides with the 1980 CB650 build that Im also gathering parts for. The CB is complete that was last registered a few years ago. The carbs were shot and beyond a rebuild so I picked up a set of 750 carbs. I should have enough parts to hear the 650 idle.. The major issue with this one is that I need to rebuild the starter clutch, a very common problem.

    My plan remains for the RD, Get the engine good and clean it all up a bit and enjoy it as is..
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