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captchrome HELP.put the clutch housing bk on.clutch lever works ok.but I can't get it into gear. got it into second with engine running now it's stuck there .when checking the gear shift seal I noticed there was a bit of play it could come in and out a little I'm sure I heard a click inside the gear box.any ideas?
Not sure what is going on. The shift shaft goes though the case into the right side and engages the shift cam. I can't post a picture here, but I think I have a photo of what the right side of the shift shaft looks like and will post it in a PM to you. I think that the shift shaft may have pushed off of the cam.
Hi there, I've read a ton of your posts and they've all been very helpful! I am wiring up the DCC mini-speedo and see that I need a diode for the indicagtor light to work properly... is there a particualr type of diode I need, or a specific one to get? What did you use? Thank you so much!
waitin for the rain to stop and get enough heat to primer/feaether sand pics to follow on the filling tank dings / leaks
dude love the 80 Xs you built Im on a similar path I love how you matched the header pipes to the seat Im doing the same thing. not sure if that was intentional on your part but Im going flat black tank, gloss frame, high polish on the motor w/ flat black contrast, and matching BMW red leather seat, grips, and painting header pipes red. I like how you dint restomod er. like minds my man
You ever figure out the electrical issues on your bike? Curious what the solutions were to the symptoms... If carb clean or timing fixed it
Are there any other sites I can look for parts on my 1982 xs400 as I will be paying for American postage on eBay
This site distributes oem and some universal aftermarket parts for almost every japanese bike and they are located in the Netherlands. Some parts are rather expensive and are best bought second hand but it can be a helpful site from time to time.