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    What did you do with your XS today?

    Pulled the '79 out of storage after 5 years of no action. New battery & fiddling for 20 minutes with the janky oem fuse box (glass tube fuses) and it fired up on the third revolution... on 5 year old gas! I did give the tank the 'ol smell test, and it smelled fresh, to my surprise. But, I was...
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    For sale items

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    Repairing holes drilled in frame

    Mig welding is the way to go. It's like an adult glue gun, but with metal. Make sure you clean the area you plan to weld down to bare metal for good clean contact and less impurities in the weld. After, just grind and sand the weld smooth to match the frame, and hit it with the paints so it...
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    Anyone prefer original Buckhorns?

    I'm 6'0" and the only thing I feel I need to change to make the stock bike comfortable, is to get straighter, lower bars. But, I think most of it comes to personal preference. I agree that they are okay for short rides (at any speed), but anything over 30 minutes puts stress on the wrists. I...
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    What did you do with your XS today?

    Went for a midnight ride. 70 degrees, thunderstorm rolled through about an hour ago, quiet...even for my little city. Beautiful night to get the bike out after a (rather ghetto) repair to an almost 2 piece muffler. I had been driving across town earlier this month, and whilst launching over...
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    Midnight Rider

  7. Midnight Rider

    Midnight Rider

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    What did you do with your XS today?

    Rode across town to visit my brother. On the return trip I noticed the bike got much louder whenever I hit a sizeable bump. Rolled up to my garage and found out my factory original muffler had gone from bulging in places, to split in half and hanging on by a sad little flap of metal. When I...
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    Well It's Been a Fun Time Everyone, But....

    Hell. Glad to hear you are okay. I've seen a standing body hit with a pickup at 40 mph and it is not pretty to watch. You have been pretty inspirational to my future plans and it's a serious downer to see you and your bike out of commission. I'm glad to hear you aren't giving up on bikes...
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    Newbie - Kickstart Problem

    The bolt clamping the brake pedal has to come out completely if you want to pull the pedal off to rotate it to a different position on the shaft.
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    Start of a long process

    Lol. The camo frogs are so terribly out of place. Leather stitching looks good.
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    Kickstarter not turning engine. HELP!!??

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    Kickstarter not turning engine. HELP!!??

    I was being overly dramatic about the output shaft. It shouldn't be easy at all in first and gets progressively easier as gears go up because of the ratios and torque and whatnot. A fresh clutch, properly adjusted will kind of make the rear wheel drag and bounce as you push the bike. At least...
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    Brake light switch front faulty any suggestions!!

    Try jumping the wires to the front switch. I assume it's a momentary switch that completes the circuit rather than breaking the circuit, so jumping the wires should cause the tail light to illuminate and stay lit until you disconnect the wires. Then you will know if it's the switch, or something...
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    Kickstarter not turning engine. HELP!!??

    Well...I can only speculate. I would check to make sure you can freely spin the engine by hand several times to make sure you have valve clearance / nothing obstructing the pistons and crank. Then check your clutch adjustment and set it proper. Then try to firmly, but not forcefully, press the...