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    Karl's scrambler-bratstyle 81 XS400 SE

    This is looking great.
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    This is why you should not smoke crack

    Another bargain xs400 in Straya...
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    Karl's scrambler-bratstyle 81 XS400 SE

    Great work on fixing the carb. That to me is what bike building is all about.
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    Wanted - SEAT: from 1981 xs250 or xs400

    Hi mate, I have got a clean 81 seat and tail light. Tail light would look sweet recessed into the seat fairing. If u r serious, I will find out cost of shipping to Melbourne. I'll try and get a photo of them but I am moving house this week so might not be until next week. Posted via Mobile
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    My Cafe Racer Build (and Re-Build)

    Looking good but I think your rear shocks might be a bit stiff. :laugh:
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    New here! I love my xs!

    Awaiting pics... :bike:
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    New XS400 Owner!

    Nice bike - if you want quick and easy profit then ship it to Australia and sell it for $4,800.
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    Westy's little tracker

    G'day Westy, That looks a pretty clean 250 - in much better condition than mine when i bought it. I have got parts from wemoto in the uk, gaskets and chain from Japan and bits and bobs from ebay Australia and USA. Good luck with the build and keep us updated on the progress. Cheers, PC
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    '81 XS400 near mint condition, should I purchase?

    That price is an absolute bargain.... In Australia. :laugh: Posted via Mobile
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    Restarted project again

    Thanks guys. I'll give the carbs a clean & do some testing and update. I've got some larger pilot jets so I'll try those too. Hey Greasey that is the price I pay for jets so we probably buy from the same place. Posted via Mobile
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    Restarted project again

    Thanks again Chris. I checked the rotor and all good with the position of the dot - I just had it in the wrong position when I took the photo. I rotated the pickup to and it made kick starting much more pleasant with no kickbacks. So on to the next problem. With mixture set at 3.5 turns out...
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    Restarted project again

    Hey Chris thanks heaps mate, Your help has been invaluable to me and my looooooooong term build project. I will check the position of the dot on the rotor - hopefully I just took the photo with it 180 degrees out. Also, is it possible for the rotor to wear out to the point that the spark...
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    XS360 Bratstyle Replica- Codenamed: Sheeple II

    Sweet work mate. The subtle yam logo on the tank is a nice touch.
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    Restarted project again

    Calling ignition timing gurus - I need your help. Based on the first picture I think my timing has too much advance. Am I correct? The second picture is of the rotor position at LF. Should I rotate the ignition to the blue line so that it lines up with the rotor? Does the rotor...
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    G'day from the opposite side :)

    G'day Gidget, Welcome to the forum. Good luck with the project - I'll be watching this. I hope you don't take as long as me to complete it. Cheers. Posted via Mobile