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    Uncovering VIN

    Thanks. It only took a little exploratory scraping where it was scuffed from wiring anyway. It’s got a vin!
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    Uncovering VIN

    Did it really upload pic like that? Ok, we’ll use your imagination, there’s thick metal flake over the front of that frame too
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    Uncovering VIN

    70EC483B-9573-4F5B-8606-73E711A4FB0A by Ratpick posted Apr 3, 2019 at 10:58 AMHi there, I’m starting to put together one of my old projects. This bike wasn’t registered since out of state so I’ll need to show the vin for verification and get all the paperwork up to current on it here. Only thing...
  4. 70EC483B-9573-4F5B-8606-73E711A4FB0A


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