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    '80 XS400 whiteout

    Hey Dave, I'm not entirely sure which piece you're asking about? That is not the original backbone, I cut it off about halfway I believe and made a new one. For the single backbone I cut off the large tube of the original backbone where I wanted to start the new one. I then slid a 8-10" long or...
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    Bike won't all..I've read the thread(s) still nothing.

    Any updates on this? My guess is that your cam-crank timing is off when he rebuilt it, not the ignition timing. In my experience, that timing plate in your picture can not be thrown off so much that is does not let the bike rev at all.
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    Welding on a rear hoop

    Bend the slugs to match the frame bend and install them in the frame first. Then you should be able to slide the hoop over the slugs. Here is what I did for my FZR600 Blaster. You're in the same situation.
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    Broken Exhaust Post

    Drill the whole thing out and tap it for the next size bolt.
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    Hi still here

    Nice, I'm in to tanks as well. Specifically, planted tanks. I made a built-in bar just to showcase a 75g in our basement. Just ordered a few more plants to finish it while others fill in. Currently only have a few neons and harlequins in there from an old tank.
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    Offroadjeepins xs400 café/brat build

    Interested to see how you finish the exhaust. One of my plans on my wife bike is to build a 2-1 to replace the current exhaust that's too loud and annoying.
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    Offroadjeepins xs400 café/brat build

    Like where this is headed.
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    FZR600 Yamaha Blaster

    Well fibreglass doesn't like to stick to plastic so you really need to rough that up or even drill holes to give it more to hold on to. Yes, that is all fibreglass in the middle to lengthen the cover. I bolted both halves to their mounts on the bike and used a heat gun on the plastic to help...
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    FZR600 Yamaha Blaster

    No problems with cooling. I had the inlet moved on the radiator to be on the same side as the outlet so they both entered/exited on the back. The inlet rad hose follows the lower frame rail and then up between the two a-arms into the rad. For the outlet I reused a section of the factory hose as...
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    Won't rev over 5000 rpm and how to test solid state reg

    To set the timing chain correctly you put the crank at the LT mark. The cam sprocket has 2 lines on it, they should be parallel with the head and I believe there is also an arrow that should point up. So look at it from the side and the lines on the cam sprocket should follow the mating surface...
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    Won't rev over 5000 rpm and how to test solid state reg

    My issue was the cam-crank timing was off due to the timing chain. I believe I was off a tooth on the cam timing. However, also double check after you've released the tensioner by spinning the crank and checking the positions. When you release the tensioner and it takes the slack out of the...
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    Hello and Project XS

    Welcome. I hope she loves it when it's all finished up. I documented my XS build here for my wife's bike as well. Plenty of people here to help with any problems. Best of luck.
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    FZR600 Yamaha Blaster

    It's insanely fun to ride, love it so far.
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    All over the place...Maxim/Seca build

    Also, aircraft stripper on the gaskets works well. Spray it on and leave it for a while, then use a scraping blade to get them off.