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  2. Little copper and turquoise 82 xs400j

    Little copper and turquoise 82 xs400j

    My pandemic project ....sold and gone to a new home. It was so much fun to build. Thanks to the folks here who helped.
  3. WarrenC

    Introduction and Advice Needed, for 83 maxim XS400

    Yes, 20-50 will work. Advise using semi synthetic as a starting point. Fill to 3/4 of oil level window. Methelhydrate in the tank...1 oz, fresh premium gass, full charge on the battery via tender. 1/4" inner diameter fuel lines with a fuel filter in line. Switchs, up to start toward front...
  4. WarrenC

    Help with intake boots

    Ensure to use rubber tool dip
  5. WarrenC

    Help with intake boots

    Get some 4" wide heat shrink. Cut it to length 1" longer than your boot on either end. Remove the 0 ring. Punch a hole for the valve stem in the heat shrink. Put the heat shrink around the boot, place in the oven at 160 degrees and bake until the shrink wrap is tight around the boot...