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  1. Nancy M Garner

    Wanted - Crash Bars 1982 XS400 Maxim

    Looking for a crash bar to fit my 82 XS400 Maxim, or for a way to mount highway pegs. Long rides kill my legs without being able to stretch them out!
  2. Nancy M Garner

    Fuel Leaking

    How hard is that to remedy?
  3. Nancy M Garner

    Fuel Leaking

    Okay, my baby needs a little medical care! I noticed the other day she was riding like crap. Just not content. Stalling, had to keep the choke on, sounded like a freaking lawn mower. Just all in all, I could tell she wasn't happy about something. When I got home, I smelled the gas. It...
  4. Nancy M Garner

    My Seca

    LOVE the color