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    '80 XS400 not starting - backfires through carb

    Hi everyone, I Have an 1980 XS400 that i'm restoring/modifying a little for my mother in law (yes, i am going to make sure the brakes work... come on guys :P) - I bought the bike off a mate of mine who had rebuilt the whole thing (not very well, but had done it. I helped him with the new...
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    Hey guys, As people have pointed out, it is in fact a SOHC, not a DOHC, therefore it DID have the twin shock swinger, but now has a DT (or something) single shock one with an R1 shock. Turns out the frame is actually from an 81 XS250, which isn't a bad thing, because i'll register it as...
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    Hey everyone, My name is Travis, I'm 23, ride an SV650 all the time and have just gotten an XS400 as a bit of a project. It has a DT400 single shock swing arm on it and i am planing on making a cafe racer out of it. (slowly and on a tight budget that is) First things first is that i...