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    I only get spark on kill

    Probably worth testing the trigger coils also- one of mine had a problem where it would open when the engine was hot leading to no spark. A lot of the signals worth checking are on the TCI connector, as shown in the service manual.
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    Petcock is leaky, what’s the best solution?

    I had good luck with an xs400 petcock "rebuild" kit from ebay- same kit as used on a bunch of other XS series bikes. The kit consisted of replacement gaskets and rubber bits to go into the petcock. It wasn't hard to take the old one apart and swap in the new stuff.
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    Popping from one carb, bike only runs on full choke!

    I was kind-of thinking of diaphragm issues eg missing or broken spring, or maybe the needle positioned way too high.
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    What did you do with your XS today?

    Got my '82 Seca running today, the replaced timing coils so far so good. It started right up and ran well. Probably will do a longer road test this weekend.
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    Newbie needs help with a no spark issue

    If you're good with a volt/ohm meter the two pickup coils can be tested from the CDI connector, if one or both are open that can certainly interfere with spark.
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    New project - Yammy conversion

    Yeah decent Seca 400 tanks are nearly unobtanium. Mine was rusted out beyond saving, so I ended up mounting an '83 maxim tank on. The pucks fit and petcock mounting is compatible but the lines don't match the plastics. I'm going to be experimenting with mounting Marauder forks on the...
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    Need help with DMV/Registration etc

    I am a big fan of tag/title companies, they have superpowers which can solve all kinds of registration and tags difficulties. Totally worth the hundred or so $, saving you from DMV fun. So any day at all I would get the license, cert and insurance, then go to to a tag/title company to...
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    Will not start when cold

    With the enrichener on it is helpful to have the butterflies mostly closed, so the vacuum will get fuel thru the enrichener circuit. Opening the throttle bypasses the vacuum. On my '82, there is a brass tube which extends down from each carb into a well in the side of both bowls, which has a...
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    A post following the build of my bike - Kutay

    I got a bit inspired by the idea of somewhat better forks, so opted for an ebay vz800 triple-tree and forks. Apparently they will fit well- will have a try at adapting that to the bike in the spring. Apparently the axle is the same diameter, so will need some spacers machined and some kind...
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    Electrical issue?

    Mine runs pretty much the same, even after richening the mix a bit and opening up one of the jets. Once the engine is thoroughly warm I find the idle point creeps around a bit so occasional adjustment to keep it low but high enough to charge the battery is helpful. Adding a cheap amazon...
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    18" Front/Rear Tires In Stock Sizing In 2024?

    I mounted Shinko 87-4157 Front 3.00-18 55H and 4.10-18 Shinko 705 Series Rear on my '82 Seca they are a bit funny looking with the deep tread but ride fine; both are tubeless.
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    Did I lose a clutch part

    lol, never mind- no missing parts- clutch plates were sticking. All is well and I learned how the clutch adjust screw works... good to get that opened up and lubricated...
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    Did I lose a clutch part

    Was getting ready for a test ride and discovered the clutch wouldn't disengage, despite feeling mostly right. These are the parts I have. See the long clutch rod in place, there is a ball down in the clutch actuator on the right, but I wonder if I'm missing the short clutch rod (or does that...
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    Air lock in fuel line?

    Ah its good clean fun.. I got suckered into paying real money for the bike, so might as well get it going well so I can give it away lol.. Wires spliced here, note I didn't get the lengths very close, so the grey and black wires need a bit of folding to make up the harness. Harness...
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    Air lock in fuel line?

    I took advantage of the holiday downtime to replace the original trigger coils with the pair from the XJ harness. Below is the plate with OEM coils, grey wire coil dismounted, orange still screwed down. I cut off both coils right at the body to preserve harness length. I re-used the...
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    Problem installing air intake rubbers

    Yes- soft enough to be flexible but not enough to start it bubbling or charring. Basically not much more than hot to the touch.. don't use a torch it puts in too much heat; a paint stripping heat gun gives a jet of hot air that you can control much better.
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    Problem installing air intake rubbers

    I've had good luck by carefully heating the rubber/plastic with a heat gun, generally spreading the heat around to soften the material. Don't push it, just enough heat to soften it so it can be slipped over the carb inlets and so on.
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    Another first timer in need sorry

    I source modern fasteners when I need to replace/upgrade- those old bolts and screws are often quite soft and when overtight/seized/loctited the JIS heads are prone to stripping out when a phillips driver is used. They are also not stainless so prone to rusting. All are standard lengths so...
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    Air lock in fuel line?

    I finally got every sorted and up on the milling machine table, with the steel bar prepped to swing past both the Seca coil (left) and the XJ coil (right) I put a 4k or so resistor across the leads of both coils, and connected a scope probe to each. With the mill spinning the bar a 200rpm...
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    Air lock in fuel line?

    I did an interesting experiment last night; put one XS400 coil and one XJ coil on the milling machine table. I mounted a short length of steel on a length of threaded which I chucked so the machine would spin the steel bar across both coils, similar to the ignition trigger bar which bolts to...