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    My ‘80 Yamaha XS400 Special build thread..

    I think it’s time I overhaul my toolbox a little and get some motorcycle specific tools. I came from working on cars mostly but now motorcycles have taken priority haha
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    Popping from one carb, bike only runs on full choke!

    I’d still suggest pulling the caps off the wires and the wires off the coil and looking at the copper inside the wires. Again visually mine looked fine but once I took them off the wires the copper was corroded and broken down. Are you idle mixture screws exposed? If they aren’t I suggest...
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    My ‘80 Yamaha XS400 Special build thread..

    That’s a really trick setup you have there, I’ve only ever measured float height via a caliper with the float bowl off. My XT350 also recommends checking the float height like you’re showing so I’m gunna have to try it out.
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    Popping from one carb, bike only runs on full choke!

    On the xs400 I just picked up my plug wires and caps were pretty corroded internally. The caps were barely hanging on once I started messing with them. Might be worth checking those out and cutting back to some fresh copper to see if anything changes. Also have you checked to make sure the...
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    1979 SX 400 electric start

    I had a somewhat similar issue that I chased my tail on for a few days that ended up being a bad ground at the handlebars. My kill switch was also broken internally and was cutting power unless it was in the perfect position. I didn’t realize until I took it all apart. I changed my bars to...
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    $100 XS400 Project!

    Looks like a solid starting point, that color is beautiful. eBay has a plethora of xs400 parts btw. Good luck with the build!
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    My ‘80 Yamaha XS400 Special build thread..

    Threw a new front tire on it and cleaned up the wheel. Then I moved to the carbs which ended up being a huge headache. The carbs themselves cleaned up pretty good, I wish I had taken before photos. I replaced the carb boots and air filters while I had it all apart. After putting it all back...
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    My ‘80 Yamaha XS400 Special build thread..

    Hey y’all I figured I’d start a thread to keep track of the progress on this ‘80 XS400 Special I picked up not long ago. Friend of mine had this bike sitting around and he asked me to clean it up and sell it for him. After looking it over I decided I wanted to fix it up for myself instead. This...
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    For Sale - MAC Megaphone Full Exhaust

    Probably a long shot but any chance you still have this?